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How to get dense eyebrows - Natural Tips

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If the eyebrows are slimmer, no matter how beautiful the eyes look. Dense eyebrow, haired and small eyes will be beautiful. Look for notes that are here to get thicker brow. If something is not done in a day or another, nothing will benefit. Nothing can only be done when you continue. So let's do it quickly and your eyebrows become dense too soon.


Very easy accessible. Apply on the eyebrows soaked in milk with a pinch. Wash after 15 minutes. "Way protein" in the milk and stimulates the growth of cache.

Onion juice:

Bring the onion juice on a day and a day off. Onions are "sulfur", "selenium". These are the strengths of the hair of the hair. This will get stronger bones that do not fit.


Take the juice of aloe vera and put on the eyebrow. Wash and dry. The term "allon" is like keratin. Hair growth will increase.

Castor oil :

If you have a massage everyday on the eyelid and on the eyebrows, you will get a thicker brow soon. It is particularly good, although it is particularly old.

Vitamin oil

If the brow is densely grown, coconut oil, cylinder and vitamin E are enough. The coconut oil and gingerbread will provide beautiful growth to the eyebrows. Vitamin E presents the nourishment and stimulates the growth of eyebrows.

required things :

Coconut oil - 1 teaspoon
Vitamin E oil - half a teaspoon
Ostrich - 1 tbsp
Mascara brush - 1

Take a bottle of all the oils mentioned above. Mix the oil on the maskara brush, and brush on the eyebrow. Come on the night every night. This oil can be applied to lids. If you are breastfed by the brush, the hair will grow and the eyebrows dense. Be sure to be a woman with a beautiful brow in a month.

Permanent brow
Some can not be on the eyebrows. I do not worry that the eyebrow has fallen off or I have no hair on the eyebrows. Hair grows well when massaging the skin and massaging the eyebrows. Eyebrow oil will come in hand and massage it on the eyebrow and the hair will germinate quickly and the eyebrows are beautiful.

It is better to use the iPod Tattoo system to make the eyebrows permanently. Eyebrow Tattoo is a flower that puts permanent eyebrows on the eyebrows where it is filled with tattoos. This will make your face look good and get rid of your grief.

For any reason you need to take care not to get dry skin. Green vegetables, greens, milk, yogurt, butter must be added in daily diet.

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Asthma attacks children - ways to win asthma

Asthma attacks children - ways to win asthma

Worldwide, 13.5 percent of children and 15 to 18 percent of babies in India have been affected by asthma. The intensity of this issue, which has been in existence for 30 years, is growing rapidly today.
Children and children who claim that "there are many who have a sense of asthma," explains detailing the way in which asthma allergy specialist Dr. Sridharan wins asthma.

The reasons are ...
"Marriage on the ground, genealogy, environmental disorder, dietary habits, and different life forms are the main reasons for asthma.
 Food (food), inhalants, and three types of allergens are converted into asthma.
 If the appetite occurs, the acidity in the stomach increases and the acid reflux becomes the causative factor for asthma when it goes up in the digestive tract.
Eating foods that are fast foods and synthetic pigmented foods can often cause allergies and lead to asthma.
 Causes of living in close housing without winding, breathing with artificial AC air, causing increased vehicular traffic and environmental pollution causes the allergy to shrink the size of the bronchial to normal, preventing normal breathing.
Symptoms ...
  Bruising the lungs through the nose of the lungs, chronic cold, coughing, difficulty breathing, breathe in the nose, breathe in the mouth, breathing, laughing or talking, and even breathing even after a while. These are the primary symptoms of asthma.
If these are not corrected, sinus, allergy, and then the bronchial allergy, will ultimately develop asthma.
Do not be indifferent!
If children often have problems such as allergies and cold water, it is only a matter of ignorance that it is a "normal problem", causing major damage to asthma.
This is a cough variant asthma.

In addition to environmental and dietary habits, vaccinations for children can sometimes cause allergies. Many years ago, children had no immunizations required. Many of the vaccines are available because of the existing medical development. Although infectious diseases are often blocked, sometimes the disease
The resistance power will vary and the scope of their subjects will change. The immune disorder, which is known as immune disorder, begins to travel from a path that leads to pathogenesis and leads to allergies. This is called hygiene hypothesis.
Early treatment is essential!
Asthma can be completely cured if detected early on. At the same time, it is possible to fully control the vulnerability of the problem to the asthma problem. Once the asthma is diagnosed, the steroid inhaler and bronchodilator inhaler can be used to prevent inflammation. This instrument helps to restore the movement of the shaky bronchi and make it easier to breathe.
Unexplained, untreated pre-existing asthma stability and risk of death. There is no change in the condition of the asthma that children and adolescents have. After the formal treatment of infants who are old enough to have a baby, they will have major damage after they become adults. Children with asthma are more likely to breathe without breathing, lack of proper diet, lack of attention in the study, and lack of anxiety. If you have asthma, you can find it early in the morning and do not take asthma because of adequate precautions, "says Dr. Sridhar.
Prevent children from getting asthma
In the invisible, dust mite called dust mite, the only thing that can be seen in the microcosm, the pillow, the pet, the dowel, the mat and the children's games. They survive the dead cells of man. This 'dust mite' is the only thing we have to sleep in the nose after a few hours to begin to work and cause allergies. This is why children are sleeping, difficult to breathe, breathe through the mouth, and perform breathless whistling. So, the bedroom should be cleaned periodically and the clothes used by the children should be washed daily and dried in the sun.

Use the Dust Mite Mattress and Pillow Covers which are sold in the stores for the pillow and bed and can often clean up the 'Dust Mite' Pooch. Dust Mite can be avoided because carpet is too high.
When children take books that are not used for long periods, the dirt in their diapers makes it easier for the baby to go to the nose and cause allergies. Children's books and school bags are often to be cleaned.
If the babies are not cleaned for long periods, the baby may often be infected when the baby jumps and plays.
Dust and invisible germs can be spread by children and adults by cultivation.
The smoke from the mosquito and chemicals used to drive mosquitoes can cause increased allergies to children. Avoid the use of chemicals to eradicate mosquitoes.
Cockroaches should be prevented from causing allergies.
 Children go home, lie down and roll around in the house. Hence, the house should not be debris, and the water will not be stagnant and the children should not be taken away.
Because the pollution is high, children need to wear a mask while driving on the roads and playing outside. Allergic reaction will decrease. Preventing children from traveling to more areas of air pollution.
Today, most children do not have to work in such a way that they are playing physically and physically. TV, watching cell phone, junk food eaten inside the house. This causes the problem of obesity. Allergies are caused by healthy diet. Children need healthy food, drinking water and clean air. From early childhood, exercise, walking, swimming training, breathing exercises can help prevent asthma.
It is necessary to breastfeed for the first two years of the baby's birth and avoiding feeding the powder from cow's milk to a child's age. The fluid, solid, balanced diet should be given to the baby's growth every year.
Periodically, five-year-old children can be taken to the doctor by checking whether the child's breathing is normal or has been reduced or have asthma symptoms.
Asthma and Balance!
As astronomers have become the biggest problem in the world, the study of the University of South Carolina is still shocking. In children with asthma, 51% have been reported to be suffering from obesity. Many scholars have concluded that studies have shown that metabolic disorders and Type 2 diabetes can be caused by asthma.

Air pollution is the primary cause of asthma in childhood and has been confirmed to increase the number of respiratory and metabolic problems.

At the end of this study, most children have been shown to be responsible for childhood asthma because of the lack of adequate physical work, exercise, and eating habits.

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Beauty tips for eyes

It is our eyes that glow our face. The colonies should be applied on top of the night and the potatoes in the lower part of the eye.
In the morning, the eyes will be bright. To go to the embryos, turmeric and mint must be mixed with rosewater.
Cut the pulses into milk and put them on the bottom of the eyes and grind the eye. The cataracts will disappear. Vintage will be cooled or rounded with eyes and eyes.
If you have a gastrointestinal tissue in the sauna, the glyphos will quickly disappear. Nandiavattu washed with water in a white cloth and the eyes around the eyes are bright. Eyes smoothed out of the water in the water, and the eyes are cool and bright enough to breathe.
Put a thin white cloth on the skin and put it on the eyes and put on top of the mixture. This should be 30 minutes. This is enough to do 5 days.
The location of the cervix is ​​unknown. Even in the absence of proper sleep, the nervous system will appear in the eyes. The sleep should last at least eight hours.
The cucumber should be washed in the face and washed after an hour. If you continue to do this, the charm of the eye will gradually disappear.
Eyes should be shiny and brighter every day night should have one or two drops of lashes on the eyelids.The skin of the eyes will be bright enough to pack the eyes with coriander juice with butter. Wash the eyes in the morning with the water in the morning with a water pump that takes a pinch of the timbalan spatula and mixes it with water in the water.
Ovulation and eye redness caused by body warming is 100 grams of good and sweet smells.
You need to add lots of vegetables in the diet. Drink at least four liters of water.

Friday, 5 May 2017

Eye care tips

The eyes are very soft. 12 muscles operate around the eyes. Even if one of these causes damage, This makes the eyes look heavy and will soon get tired. The vision is also fading. Painstaking, embroidery, ashtoponia is a disturbance. Watching TV, cinematic eyes will get tired. Pain in the eyes. The thicknesses will be heavy. Headache also comes.

And the continuation of the eye will be blurred. Waking up at night for a long time will also cause eye damage.
Some eye symptoms appear in the eye of the eye and the membrane, the inner edge of the eye lids. Eye redness, drops like eye falling, laceration blotting, eye catching, and water drops. For some, the eyes are always red. People who are alcohol can usually extend the blood vessels.

Similarly, the blood vessels in the white jaw of the eye will expand and appear red. If the amount of alcohol in the blood decreases, the eyes turn to white. Some people who are not alcohol can have a reddish-brown eyes. We can do this by wearing a cool bowl. If you have a reddened eye, you may have a sore throat or eye pressure. People with such a problem should approach the doctor immediately and take treatment.

It is possible that the eyes become red when the jaw virus in the white, bacterial infections, allergy and the drying of the eyes, allergies caused by chemical substances and dusting. Therefore, if you have a small problem, you should consult your doctor and get advice. It is wrong to self-employ. Going without a glass on the two-wheel drive, watching a computer screen, causing eye and tension and water in the eye.

There are two types. Eye rash, soreness, bruising and depression can occur. Another reason is Epiphore. Tears in the eye of the tarpaulin are visible in the eye. In case of such problems, you should approach an eye doctor and get treatment. Eye physician Dr Selvaragham says that the immediate treatment can be avoided, including vision loss.

Safety Method: An eye examination at specific intervals can be detected and corrected early in life. Those with chronic sugar and hypertension are required to keep the disease in control. It is also important to know the symptoms of eye infections. Sudden blindness, obscure sight, lights in the eyes, and appearance of black spots may be a result of osteoarthritis or brain damage.

The glass can be used to protect the eyes from the sun's fibers of the sun. Vitamin A should eat foods like AH and beta carotene rich carrots. You can adjust the visibility by wearing the right glasses. Avoid reading less in light. If you water the eye, do not bother your eyes. You can give warm clock for 10 minutes with your eyes closed.

Those with a red eyes may be able to soak the cloth in aquatic water. Wash hands frequently in case of eye disease. Use it individually for everyone at home. Avoid using eye accessories. Change the pillow daily. Having such practices can reduce the effects of eye disease.


Take a mixture of 50 grams of nitrogen mixture. Make a small piece of cinnamon powder. Take a teaspoon of small onions, a tooth for five tooth and fermented. Leave the oil in a pan and add the mustard, rhizomes, curry leaves, and sauces. Add garlic, small onion and cumin. Then add a little bit of nutmeg and then add alcohol and boil for 5 minutes. Add salt and coriander leaves.

Mixed bread Juice: half a cup of apple, half a cup of bananas, half a cup of black grapes, half cup of melon. Beat the fruit in a mask. Pour mash again and then add milk and juice. This mixed bread juice contains enough vitamin A.

Peel the dough: Cut the chicken powder into flour grinder. Place the chopped nuts and black grams for one hour. Pull the lake ocean. Take the cumin, anise, safflower, curry leaves, and coriander leaves. Grind the pulse of the soiled pulses. Include the powder and cinnamon powder and mix it with the cooked pumpkin and add it to the dried season. Add the desired amount of salt. You need to shoot the oil on the toes. Add less of oil.


Usually the eye problem is more likely to have the body temperature, the headache, the single headache, the infection, the older ones, the more likely to have surgery in the eye. They should avoid dust and smoke. Avoid high brightness, more darkness. People with long-term problems can use drops as a doctor's advice. Vitamin A is also likely to heal quickly by taking a lot of nutrients during an eye attack.

Vitamin A is available in all kinds of green leafy vegetables, bananas, mangoes, carrots, cauliflower, cabbage, fish pills and fruit varieties. Everyday must be spinach in the diet. Have three types of juice a day. It is necessary to drink seven liters of water. Avoid fat foods.

Avoiding fried foods in mushroom and oil are good. Walking is necessary everyday for half an hour. The amount of vegetables in the diet should be greater than the size of the rice. Tea, let's eat milk instead of coffee. Food consultant Sangeetha says that if you follow this diet, eye diseases will be immediately cured.

Grandma's Remedies

Those who have a water dilute problem should be taken in equal amounts of ginger, ginger, pepper and jaggery and gil to 15 g.

Oatmeal and odor, heal and eye erosion will be healed if the hindu is tied together and put on the eyes.

Garlic, cumin, ginger, each of the grams to 5 grams. You can find a solution to the water discharge.

Due to the body heat, the problem for the eyes will be reduced by eating garlic and salt together with a salad of fenugreek seeds.

If you mix the dough with the filling of the bowl leaves, the eye will be clear.

Eating a spatula every night can prevent the infection in the eye.

Let's spin your lips in half a vat and heal the odor.

Eye diseases can be healed if the drumstick is not put on the eyes and put on the eyes.

If you put the henna on the grind and put it on the eyes, the water will stand in the eyes.

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