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10 reasons that you are unaware of being constipated

10 reasons that you are unaware of being constipated

Constipation is a problem that is often made fun. But for the person who is suffering from this problem, it is very uncomfortable and sometimes very painful. There is a situation in which the person is medically problem occurs in the bowel movement or having a bowel movement only occasional desire.

The health consequences are very constipated. Where there are several home remedies to deal with the situation along with the treatment is important to know the cause of the problem. So here to help you 10 common reasons are constipated.

Not Drinking Enough water or low Dehydration: If a person drinks less water than required to meet the body takes its own resources. Your body absorbs water from all possible sources, and the body tries to compensate by leaving litter are the main goal, which is constipated. It dries sewage or waste products which have difficulty in bowel movements. Also, when you eat slow food goes through the intestines and rectum, which absorbs the most water from the food problem is increasing further. Not drinking enough water, you will also enjoy reading about other consequences.

2. inactive or sedentary lifestyle: today in this age where everything is computerized went there went inactive lifestyle has become a standard. Many functions of the body to produce mucus, such as exercise, depending on the (necessary to keep the fluid lubricated rectum) and keep the metabolic rate high. When we are inactive, decreases the body's metabolic rate which is the problem of constipation.

3. certain medicines or drugs: Many drugs, such Anteedipresent (antidepressants), calcium channel blocking drugs and Daiyuretik etc. also experiencing constipation.

4. Pregnancy: During pregnancy, hormonal changes in women, causing much of the problem may be constipated. Another known cause of fetal growth is also causing pressure on the digestive pathways which slow food grows. During pregnancy the many home remedies to deal with the problem of constipation heard of.

5. Old Age: As people are aged in their body functions change. It has been found that slow the rate of digestion and metabolism in old age due to the problem of too many people are constipated.

6. Laxative (laxative medicine) because of over-using: most people Leksetiv to make bowel movements regular use. Leksetivadt gets involved in, which means that the more you use it, the next time to get the same results, you will need to take higher doses. If you use Leksetiv better leave you slowly get used to it.

7. cancer or other physical illness: Many conditions such as colon cancer, or other physical illness such as diabetes, Haipothayraidijm, Parkinson's may be due to the problem of constipation. In such a case, it is best to consult your medical doctor.

8. bowel obstruction: Constipation may also be indicative of the fact that you suffer from bowel obstruction. When this problem is very serious and the person does not have a bowel movement for several days Obsteepeshn it says.

9. Milk and milk products: Many people have a problem with lactose Intolrens. This is a situation in which the person is allergic to milk or milk products. This situation could be due to either diarrhea or constipation problem.

10. desire to go to the toilet to control: Many people are used to control the desire to go to the toilet. However, in many situations it is necessary to do so on a regular basis, but the problem may be constipated. This happens because when you pause the stool to move up the rectum and then not ejected completely.

15 home remedies to get rid of constipation

15 home remedies to get rid of constipation

We do not often talk openly about constipation. But this disease is quite common that everyone must have at some time.
Lack of water in the body, lack of nutrition in the diet, lack of exercise and poor people due to lifestyle diseases like constipation faces.

Patients usually complain of constipation, flatulence get. Though the disease can occur at any age, but appears to be dominated by women and the elderly constipation.
Constipation sometimes becomes quite acutely embarrassing. But early treatment of the disease but it should not shy away.

Before going to the doctor to remove the constipation problems at home must use some effective home remedies.

Household tips you will use your constipation problems will disappear immediately. So here's what to do for it:

Hot water and lemon
The citric acid in lemon frozen stomach is used to exclude dirt. 1 cup hot water you consume can squeeze lemon.

Fiber diet
Beans, whole grain bread, cabbage, potatoes, cabbage, Brocli, tomatoes, carrots, leafy vegetables, onions, and eat. Reshayukt diet is easy to digest and also erases the problem of constipation. Fruits in the banana, papaya, melon, lemon, mango, apple and Musmmi etc. should eat.

Olive oil
Olive oil stimulates your digestive system, which will clear your stomach comfortably. Morning on an empty stomach to take 1 teaspoon olive oil benefits. You can use lemon juice mix.

Guava and papaya
Guava and papaya fruit, two Amॄt constipation is similar to the patient. These fruits can be eaten at any time in the day. These Flon give enough strength to the filament and intestines.

Baking soda
Baking soda intake can recover up to 95% of your constipation. Ingestion of hot water 1 teaspoon baking soda to 1/4 cup to drink it.

Dates and milk
Drink warm milk to put in 3 palm lightly. The week-long intake, you will surely enjoy.

Kbji to overcome the problem of good bacteria in the gut are necessary. Plain yogurt probiotic get you, so you must drink the cup yogurt Dinr 1-2. Eat the breakfast.

Milk and ghee
Ghee in a glass of milk at bedtime drink 1-2 Cammc constipation also may completely disappear.

Linseed seeds
Flax seed powder to make fry on low light. 20 g powder in a glass of water and then take up to 3 hours after snowmelt filtering drink.

Triphala powder
Triphala mix the powder with honey twice a day should eat. It is an Ayurvedic Upachar.

Isabgul bran
Constipation is the ultimate benefactor. 1-2 tablespoons milk or water at bedtime take isabgul bran. It accelerates the process of intestinal stomach becomes blatantly clear.

Mix of fresh figs in a glass of milk to boil. Then drink it before going to bed. Figs are a lot of fiber, which is relieved immediately.

Spinach juice
Drink half glass of spinach juice twice daily. You will definitely enjoy it.

Cabbage juice
Drink half a glass of cabbage juice twice a day provides relief.

Pranayama and Yoga
To ward off the disease, pranayama and yoga are beneficial.

What happens to our body every two hours?

What happens to our body every two hours?

๐Ÿ”ด our body, every body is founded with pakattirkena booked separately as an alarm clock.

 Ovvoru allocated two hours to complete its task element. And again two hours after the alarm is transferred to the next element.

 5.00 pm to 3.00 in the morning until the time of lung ๐Ÿ”ด * *.
By this time, the oxygen in the air, making breathing practices gathered over the life energy within the body lasts.

It is time for meditation. In asthma patients the most trouble this time.

 ๐Ÿ”ด * 7.00 pm to 5.00 in the morning
* Until the time of the colon.

 ๐Ÿ”ด * * 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm until the time of his stomach.
At this time, the ground hog will eat stone. They say that the Emperor should eat breakfast like. At this time, the body sticky cerimanamaki cappituvatutan well.

 ๐Ÿ”ด * 9.00 pm to 11.00 pm until the time of spleen *.
Untaunavai spleen and blood cerittu morning nutritious and it is time to change. Kutikkakkutatu green water, even at this time. Spleen is affected by the digestive power. This is the worst time for diabetes patients.

 ๐Ÿ”ด * * 11.00 pm to 1.00 pm until the time of the heart.
Speaking intanerat most widely kopappatutal, not more patapatattal. The heart is affected. Heart patients should be very cautious of the time.

 ๐Ÿ”ด * * 1.00 pm to 3.00 pm until the time of the small intestine.
At this time, take a little rest in moderation is good for lunch.

 3.00 pm 5.00 pm ๐Ÿ”ด * time * of the bladder.
Nirkkalivukalai best time of discharge.

 ๐Ÿ”ด * 5.00 pm to 7.00 pm for the first time * of the kidneys.
Neraparaparap daylight to break the silence, to think about the future, tiyanamceyya, the best time to worship.

 ๐Ÿ”ด * From 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm, perikartiyat of the time *.
A membrane around the heart of the heart perikartiyamenpatu Shock absorber. This is the optimum time for dinner.

 ๐Ÿ”ด * night between the hours of 9.00 to 11.00, a uruppalla Triple kittar *.
In the first three parts of the scalp, abdomen
Linking path. * * This is a good time to go to sleep.

 ๐Ÿ”ด * night from 11.00 pm to 1.00 pm Running time * gallbladder.
Vilittirunt nerattiltunkatu the gall to run this deficiency.

 At 3.00 in the morning until 1.00 at night ๐Ÿ”ด * first * time of the liver.
You should not vilittirukkavo intanerat utkantirukkavo.
Must be lying. The liver cleanses the blood flowing throughout the body it's time to rearrange itself. Throughout the day you affected by this process suffer curucuruppillamal.

 If the reader will share takavalkalanaivarum mikappayan ๐Ÿ”ด very useful.

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Indigestion Symptoms & Treatment

At the beginning of the disease the patient is not aware some indigestion. When indigestion do not wish for food, delicious food, and the stomach all the time looking at the full-filled distaste experience. If the disease is detected indigestion. Due to indigestion disease patient is physically very weak.

The distortion is produced when digestion indigestion. Some individuals always have the bad habit of eating more of something. After the meal a man, his digestion is concluded, the first few accounts are distorted digestion. Some people consume more rich and Watkark soft food. Such food digestion is too late and that is when the food is consumed the first meal Adpcha remains. Frequent diners indigestion disease is produced. The disease can also have indigestion indigestion.

Irregular, corrupt and stale food indigestion disease pathology of the digestive system more is produced. According to them, more mental stress in modern surroundings, jealousies and concerned men and women who are suffering from indigestion disease. When all manual labor with more nutritious food, do not sleep during the day when more time is Ujiarn suffer disease problems.

High consumption of tea, coffee and alcohol to someone who is too much indigestion disease. Host-restaurant in a modern setting, tasty, savory juices and foods made from acid, chowmein, noodles, this pizza, burgers and food eater Faust also suffer from indigestion disease.

Symptoms :
Indigestion disease won hunger altogether destroyed. From indigestion chest (thorax) is very jealous. Nausea is coming sour belches. Vomiting also becomes impaired. Food is odium. Indigestion disease Ugravstha head dizzy, eyes dark and the front of delirium symptoms appear. Anemia patients are victims of indigestion. No blood is rapidly evolving to become a physical weakness.

Air collected from abdominal Adyaman (Afare) the deformation occurs. When abdominal colic. Heart beats of swing and is very uncomfortable to the patient. Delay in treatment of indigestion in the stomach seems to be gas. Indigestion disease, constipation (constipation) is high. Aantron of stool collected more distress. Intestinal colic, acidity and fever may also occur.

Eat and what?

* Cloth made of coriander and ginger, filter sip.
* Lemon juice twice a day, add water, mix Egyptian sip.
* 200 grams (whey) in roasted cumin, black pepper powder and rock salt mixed with a little drink.
* People with a lick eat honey powder 2 grams.
* Alarm in 200 g of juice a little rock salt and black pepper powder mixed drink.
* 25 grams of pear juice drink mixed with pepper powder 1 grams.
* Cut two tomatoes on it, black pepper powder and rock salt away eat and.
* Ginger and coriander powder, 3 grams of powder drink lukewarm water.
* Cut the onion finely-granular rock salt mixed with lemon juice and eat.
* Alarm, radish, shrews, onion, cucumber salad with a lemon juice and eat.

What not to eat?

* Do not drink more water after a meal.
* Juice made from hot peppers, spices and acids do not take food.
* Ghee, oil, butter made from food do not drink.
* Tea, alcohol and coffee intake absolutely not.
* Do not use pot-Sigret.

Ayurvedic treatments for Hyper acidity

Ayurvedic treatments for Hyper acidity

What we eat, the right way is important Pcna. Our stomach secretes an acid digestion process which is very necessary for digestion. Many times more than the required amount of acid that is produced, resulting in heartburn and Farinks and stomach pain and discomfort in the middle of the path would realize. This condition is known as hyperacidity or acid peptic disease.

Hyperacidity due to: -

Are common causes of acidity, eating disorder, do not chew food properly, and do not drink enough water, and more. Sevnkrna spicy and junk food diets are also other causes of acidity. Also stressed and in a hurry to eat and eat and smoking and drinking are also due to hyperacidity Hankamasy normally produces gastric juice to digest food. But Amasyik gland seems to be in excess of gastric juice acidity of the plurality of Haidoclorik acid is causing problems. Amasy Ksine indigestion irritation and blisters are the major symptoms of the disease. Heavy food intake also increases the acidity of the trouble. And do not snack in the morning and stay hungry longer than acidity could bother you.

Excess alcohol intake.
Using more chili-spicy food items
Some English painkiller pills that cause hyperacidity disease.
After the meal are growing signs of acidity.
On lying down at night hyperacidity symptoms become furious.

Hyperacidity symptoms: -

* Feeling of irritation in Kpet
* Ksine irritation
* Realize Kmtli
* Kdkar come
* Kkhane less interested in drinking
* Feeling of irritation in Kpet

Ayurvedic treatment of hyperacidity: -

* Kadrk juice:
Rsmilakr lemon and honey ginger drink, irritation of the stomach is relieved.

* Kashwgandha:
Hunger and Ashwagandha helps in the treatment of diseases related stomach irritation occurs.

* Kbbuna:
It reduces stress-related stomach irritation.

By Chandan therapy for the treatment of hyperacidity ages standing medical system. Sandal cooling problems related to gas facilities.

* Kcirayta:
Using salicylic stomach irritation and stomach upsets such as diarrhea helps to recover.

* Kilaychi:
Burning chest to fix Cardamom is helpful.

The acidity of the stomach and chest burns fixes.

* Klhsun:
Garlic panacea for all ailments of the stomach works.

Fenugreek leaves are helpful in stomach irritation.

* Ksunf:
Fennel also proves to be useful in treating stomach irritation. It is a kind of mild laxative, and infants and children to overcome the problems associated with digestion and acidity also helps.

Home remedies for acidity: -

* Kvitamin B and E. Eat more vegetables.
* Kwyayam and physical activity.
Kkhana after dinner drinks * Avoid any kind.
* Kbadam intake that help reduce irritation of your chest.
* Kkira, cucumber and melon drink more.
* Kpani lemon drink mix, it also reduces inflammation of the chest.
* Kniamit the mint juice drink.
* Ktulsi leaves much relief from acidity and nausea warrant.
* Drink more water to Knaril
* Shah cumin acidity is preventive. One and a half liters of water 2 tablespoons
Add cumin Shah. Boil for 10-15 minutes. Remove it in moderately warm condition
Drink 3 times a day. Siditi is controlled by the use of a couple of weeks.
* After a little food in the mouth with good suck nuggets. Salutary measure.
* Morning 2-3 glasses of water and drink it. You will see that this measure acidity
Buddy helps in prevention.
* Basil leaves two to four times per day is beneficial in acidity from Chew.
* A glass of water, add 2 teaspoons fennel Ubalenkrat placed throughout. Filter in the morning and drink a teaspoon of honey. The best treatment is Siditi control.
* Amla is a fruit of the body, many diseases are destroyed. Fldayi Amla is good to use for prevention of Siditi.
* Pudine gas and acidity of gastric juice and oil Pudine natural preventive substances. See also the capsule.
* Use Flon Niwarnn acidity is beneficial onerous. Especially banana, melon, cucumber and papaya are very profitable.
* 5 grams and 3 grams of cloves Ilaychi Bnalen powder. After placing the food in the mouth, suck powder pinch. The stench of the acidity in the mouth and will also benefit.
* Milk and milk products are considered deadly acidity.
* Pickle, vinegar, fried foods, chili-spiced things to avoid. These acidity increases. Tea, coffee and more bidi, cigarette use acidity problem arises. Try to leave.
Nichoden a lemon in a glass of water *. Lemon Drink in between meals. Acidity will solve.
* Half glass whey (whey) in 15 ml juice of green coriander Mix indigestion, acidity, burning sensation in the chest is niwaaran.
* Twice Tndursti 2-3 kilometers in favor of walking, and it also helps in tackling the problem of acidity.

Home remedy for acidity

Home remedy for acidity

Flatulence is a common problem and that everyone at some time. Speak belly flatus gas. It occurs when the body can become huge amounts of gas. The stomach can prevent many diseases, such as acidity, constipation, abdominal pain, headache, nausea, etc. discomfort. Stomach gas may be many reasons which we will discuss here today.

acidity reason
1. Production of bacteria in the gut to be over.
2. Too much fiber in the diet is.
3. chili-spice, fried-fried eating more.
4. related digestive disorders
5. beans, kidney beans, chick peas, beans, Moth, urad dal, fast food, bread and milk on some or eating more than hunger. Cold drink with food in it because of the gaseous elements. Besides eating stale food and drinking water than gas is bad.

Home remedies

 * As with food tomato salad daily intake is beneficial. If that black salt, if eaten to get more benefits. The patient should not eat raw tomatoes calculus.
* Take 1/2 teaspoon dry ginger powder and asafoetida and rock salt in a Chuti put in hot water and drink a cup.
* When the headaches caused by gas insert tea pepper dust. The same benefits from drinking tea.
* 2 tablespoons of warm water in a cup and put brandy before bedtime drink.
* There was some fresh ginger slices soaked in lime juice after meals to get relief by sucking.
* Once in the stomach or intestinal cramps in hot water mixed with a teaspoon celery salt on taking advantage. Give the kids a little parsley.
* One hour after meal 1 teaspoon black pepper, 1 teaspoon dry ginger and 1 teaspoon cinnamon 1/2 teaspoon grains mixed with water sip.
* When the air problem Harad must mix the powder with honey.
* Parsley, cumin and black salt in equal quantity and grind small Harad. For adults two to six grams of water immediately after eating it. Reducing the amount for children.
* Ginger small pieces sprinkle salt on it, drink it several times a day. Gas trouble to get rid of the body will be light and will open the appetite.

Vajrasana: bent knee sit after dinner. Keep both hands on the knees. 5 to 15 minutes. Gas digestion is weak. The gas will not increase the digestive power. Kriya Yoga Agnisar improve intestinal digestion increased strength. Best Buy to compare health insurance policies

7 Ways to reduce acidity

Ways to reduce acidity

Intestinal gas is a disease very common problem is that age without anyone seeing. The gas not only lives but also in the entire body in the stomach rotates reaching even the chest. If there is gas in the stomach when you do not morning a hearty breakfast. If you have forgotten your stomach so you should try some ways to get rid of it. If you do not eat more food than Ace which are gases. Food such as beans, peas, cake, carbonate-containing materials, sour fruits, cauliflower, cabbage, cashews, raisins, nuts, and more gas is formed. Sedha you know that salt can be very useful for their carminative. Well there are so many ways that you can prevent the formation of gas. Vajrasana not even afford the gas in the stomach. To sum it up, you should sit down after dinner and bent knee should keep both hands on the knees. This posture 5 to 15 minutes. Gas digestion is weak. The gas will not increase the digestive power. Kriya Yoga Agnisar improve intestinal digestion increased strength.

Not drink soda and juices
We think that the gas and soda stomach pains disappear. But found in soda and juices found in carbohydrates are promoting Chinese gas.

Eat chewing Bejn
It is important that you take food finely and completely chew eat mouthful. Chewy and without largest Tukdah gases in stomach.

Eat right Cvingm
Dara Cvingm mouth chewing the air goes out in our stomachs because of the gas arises.

Smoking Codeh
Smoking is not only dehydration but also becomes a stomach gas.

Go for a walk
Light walk after a meal to go of course. This food will not digest easily and gas. This also reduces weight.

Herbal things eat
There are many things you can eat, such as herbal, cloves, fennel, cardamom, star anise etc. If eaten with hot water if it does not gas in the stomach.

Drink plenty of water
Drinking 7-8 glasses a day of gas in the stomach because the stomach does not empty spaces are filled.

12 home remedies for Chest pain caused by Gas

12 home remedies for Chest pain caused by Gas

Some people seem to worry because of chest pain and heart ache to believe that it (the heart) is due to a problem with. But this is a temporary pain and lasts until the gas is not out. Fortunately for gas because of chest pain are many home remedies. The treatments we have today to share with you (share) are.

Incomplete digestion, quickly swallowing air while eating with eating, constipation, oily and processed foods, eat more fiber and starch-rich diet, food allergies could be due to the gas in the intestines. Beverages such as soda with some drinks, soft drink or beer may be causing this problem. Get gas, abdominal pain, chest pain, abdominal bloating and loss of appetite are symptoms of chest pain. Gas What is the treatment of pain in the chest? Bold Sky today for the gas, causing chest pain will tell a few home remedies. Trapped gas between the stomach and the chest to remove see some domestic measures.

Cardamom and cumin

 Chest pain due to gas it is a perfect home remedies. These Carmintiv (carminative) like function. Trapped gas extracting gas from the stomach and the chest and abdomen, causing pain in the rest of the warrant. Cardamom spice boiled in water for a while you can drink tea. They are also helpful in digestion and can also prevent the formation of gas.

Drink warm liquids
 Hot liquids such as tea or coffee stomach and chest are helpful in extracting gas from the natural way. Chest pain caused by gas is an effective treatment to get comfortable.

 Chest pain caused by gas, are the best treatment for it. It also prevents the formation of gas in the stomach. So it is also good for digestion. If you suffer from the problem of gas per day Develop the habit of eating papaya.

Peppermint tea

It also acts as a carminative, because it is helpful in extracting gas from the stomach. It also helps in digestion of food. G Mclane and it is an effective treatment for nausea. Peppermint tea to extract the gas trapped in the chest a natural remedy.

Ginger or chamomile tea (tea)
 These herbal tea (tea) is also useful in gas problems. To prevent the formation of gas after eating, and if they drink tea, these gases also is helpful in extracting gas.

You should perform these exercises might help in digestion. If your lifestyle is not idle or motion which is devoid of the gas can be a good digestion. Therefore, always make a light hearted exercise.

Apple Cider vinegar
Apple Cider vinegar mixed with a teaspoon into a glass and drink it. It removes stomach gas. It also aids in digestion and prevents the formation of gas. Chest pain due to gas it is an effective home remedies.

Do not drink milk products
Some people do not tolerate milk products. These people after eating milk products is the problem of indigestion and gas. You are in the foods they know and use Avoid causing gas.

Drink more water
Indigestion caused by gases. Will you have more water in your body without the digested food into stool will exit. Constipation is also water and gas is lost from the body.

Do not drink soft drinks
As their name "carbonated drinks" suggests, these are carbon dioxide gas. This can exacerbate the problem of gas in the stomach and chest. Therefore, due to gas because of their increased risk of chest pain.

Mustard seed (rye)
These are helpful in extracting gas from the stomach. The food you cook it in your daily diet as they release.

5 best home remedy to get quick relief from acidity

5 best to get quick relief from acidity home remedy!

Gas is a very common problem, which is the remains of a rough day. Therefore it is best to stop in time.
5 best home remedy to get quick relief from acidity

Here we tell you gas're extremely easy home remedy through which you can get rid of this problem.

Celery several diseases such as stomach gas, intestinal worms or acidity for a good measure. Acidity and gas will relieve you immediately.

Peppermint is a blessing for our entire health. It is used in some form in almost every disease can be. Gas and acidity of the stomach and bowels, it is extremely effective medicine. You stomach gas, nausea or vomiting acidity of the problem, the mint juice, its sauce, Brew or green tea can be consumed as is.

Small in size, is full of lemon different qualities. If you feel someone are having heartburn or gas lemonade and lemon tea is instant relief.

Also if anyone is having problems too much lemon juice in a glass of water so that, with a little black salt, roasted cumin pinch, pinch celery, 2 tablespoons sugar, a teaspoon of fresh mint juice to drink it from this gas will relieve the problem immediately.

Apple vinegar
Two teaspoons of apple vinegar drink warm water mixed gas is relieved immediately.

Pinch roasted cumin, black salt and mint after dinner drink buttermilk mixed gas problem usually emerges.

Easy ways to get around the problem of abdominal pain - Home remedies

Easy ways to get around the problem of abdominal pain - Home remedies

Dry ginger with a sucking mouth prop.
To get rid of abdominal pain without milk tea drink.
Ginger juice with a light massage on navel it.
Siditi Drink Mix baking soda with water, causing pain.
Home remedies for stomach pain

Good health is essential to the good life. Health Is Wealth In this regard, such as the famous saying goes, the first disease-free body, and happiness. Most diseases are caused by the unrestrained eating. Due to bad food sometimes causes pain in the stomach. In this article we are told Isaj home remedies for stomach pain.

Yun stomach hurt so many different reasons, but usually the main cause of stomach pain, indigestion, dry stool, gas, or be raging wind and remain persistent constipation too. Some home remedies to relieve abdominal pain, the pain is so far, as well as the function of the stomach is fine. Here's about these measures.

Home remedies for stomach pain

  • Using asafetida is beneficial in pain in abdomen. 2 grams asafetida powder with a little water to make paste. Planted at the center and around the paste.
  • Celery to the pan with salt and black ground powder to make sure sec. Take 2-3 grams of warm water 3 times a day with stomach pain occurs.
  • Cumin in a pan with hot water soak and 2-3 grams 3 times a day stay. Chew also benefit from it.
  • Take one teaspoon of lemon juice and Pudine. Now half a teaspoon of ginger juice and a little black salt use. Use 3 times a day, will help relieve abdominal pain.
  • Dry ginger in the mouth by sucking in stomach pain relief.
  • Some people drink tea without milk abdominal pain feel comfortable.
  • Ginger juice and apply on the navel point and gentle massage provides relief in stomach pain.

  • Siditi if abdominal pain (acidity) of the water if it's a little baking soda Mix EDGE.
  • Abdominal pain relief powder. The roasted cumin, black pepper, dry ginger, garlic, coriander, dried mint leaves, asafetida, all with equal volume Barik powder. Mix in a little black salt. After dinner, take a spoon with a little warm water. Abdominal pain is a significant benefit.
  • Take a teaspoon of pure ghee green Dniyen juice cures stomach ailment.
  • Ginger juice and castor oil mixed with 3 times a day, each one taking Cmm f abdominal pain occurs.
  • A teaspoon of ginger juice, 2 teaspoons of lemon juice and mix it with a little Skkdr use. Will benefit in abdominal pain. Can take 2-3 times a day.
  • Pomegranate is good in abdominal pain. Pomegranate seed extract. Add salt and pepper powder in small quantities. And Take twice daily.
  • Soak fenugreek seeds in water. Make a paste by grinding. Mix this paste twice a day to 200 grams of yogurt are destroyed intestinal disorder.
  • Soak the seeds in milk isabgul 4 hours. Taking bedtime wrest pain in the stomach and dysentery is cured.
  • Fennel to relieve pain in the stomach of the properties. Soak overnight in a glass of water 15 grams fennel. Filter and drink in the morning on an empty stomach. Treatment is very beneficial.
  • According to Ayurveda, asafoetida is a painkiller and Pittwarddhk. Chest and abdominal pain, taking asafetida is extremely beneficial. Abdominal pain in small children immediately dissolved in a little water and cook a teaspoon asafoetida. Place the baby around the navel. After a while, the pain goes away.
  • Lemon juice, black salt, cumin, parsley powder three times a day to get relief from stomach pain.

Note Sometimes abdominal pain can be caused by an illness or serious problem. So the problem is persistent or sharp abdominal pain, see a doctor and make all necessary investigations.

Bad stomach: if you want to avoid eating medicines adopt these home remedies

Instant adopt the domestic measures to be bad stomach

In the rainy season often gets people upset stomach. In particular, they eat out. It can not be guaranteed to those who fed them to eat at home are always right.
Stomach infection may have many reasons. Anhaiginik food, water or dirt come into the body through the hands. Which led to the repeated motion, weakness, vomiting and sometimes fever like symptoms.

If your stomach is and if you want to avoid eating medicines adopting these home remedies you can find relief. These measures are therefore entirely at home there is no harm in trusting.

1. apple vinegar
If a domestic remedy the point when abdominal pain is nothing better than apple vinegar. There is a substantial amount of pectin in apple vinegar and wring the abdominal pain relief. The acidic properties is also effective in curing bad stomach infection. Mix a teaspoon of vinegar in a glass of water provides relief quickly.

2. Ginger
Upset stomach is quite efficient use ginger. Fungal and anti-bacterial ingredients that are found in the gut gives pain relief. Mix one teaspoon of ginger powder milk to get relief.

3. Yogurt
Abdominal pain is a beneficial use of yogurt. Play a vital role in balancing the bacteria in yogurt. The belly is well fast. It also keeps the stomach cool.

4. Banana
If you are frequently bothered by the motion if it has been used banana will give you relief. It binds to the gut of the pectin works. It contains high amounts of potassium is also beneficial to the body.

5. Peppermint
Peppermint is a very healthy herb. Used for centuries have been used in the solution of problems relating to stomach. The Anti-Oxidants, which is also known to improve digestion.

6. Add more water intake
Stomach is the body of water shortage. Try to drink as much water. You can also Floen juice and vegetable juice. Better to be mixed salts in the water. If you like lemonade, salt-sugar solution or coconut water park. Carrot juice is also beneficial at a time.

7. cumin
If you are persistent diarrhea chew a teaspoon cumin. All homes stand in the spice diarrhea usually quite rewarding. Cumin chewing drinks water diarrhea very quickly become paralyzed.

8. Bell punch
In many places, it is also known by the name of quince. Bell is composed of fibers and fiber-rich and make the syrup is too thick. Fiber binds to the gut works, the diarrhea soon become paralyzed.

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Measurement of housing needs to be acquired after purchasing the land

Measurement of housing needs to be acquired after purchasing the land

Need to calibrate
Will face the problem
While the demolition of the house

Buyers of housing on the land does not have any dangerous journeys to take care to ensure that the verification of the documents perfectly. The important thing to note is there. It is a measure of purchasing manaikalai. Split in one place, especially if you have many housing must act carefully.

Need to calibrate
The plots are arranged in succession, since the need to fix the details of their flats. Referring individually to each of the four sides of the boundary stones of the interest has been planting? We ataintuvitakkutatu are satisfied.
The range of sizes, right? To ensure that necessary. Land purchase to its length, width, right? Have to check that. Mainly through a land surveyor to make the measurement. Survey of the Land counting right? Please notice that.

Will face the problem
If the succession is manaippirivukal because of its length and width are not the right place to be, but it's most likely successor. The majority of home buyers to verify the documents do not give importance to the measurement of land. Boundaries are thought to have been formally measured just purchased housing.
If planting ellaikkarkalai doing precisely measuring land developers manaippirivai not the problem. So many of the problems in the absence of developments. Some assume that his place in the land adjoining their structures will be set up.

While the demolition of the house
Eluppivituvarkal lateral walls of the house. If you measure the interest owed by the adjoining his estate, construction work is totankumpoto exposed to this issue. If amicable settlement being negotiated between the two is not a problem.
The other survey is particularly high in the area is occupied by a variety of problems tied to the house. The location of the house belong to him because of thunder could be built. Or will have to give him his space. He agrees there is a problem.

However, the cost of the bond will have to change his name. Unnecessary pain, alaiccalaiyum will face. At the same time, he insisted that his place should he do occur in the absence of any other way than the destruction of the house. So the housing purchase and its length, width, measuring four on the external borders of the need to take the right.
Source: The Daily Telegraph

Special benefits of lemon fruit

Elumiccai - tevakkani this, say, irajakkani.
Rat will bite, but all fruits and lemons
We will not touch the rat touched.
Maybe this stems vaittatataltano elimiccam elimiccai known to have been known by synthesis.
Most yellow fruit sour taste elumiccai plant a form of giving. This citrus liman (Citruslimon) the scientific name
To the extent of 5% fruit juice has citric acid elumiccam. The sour taste of it.
Itan pH can range in size from 2 to 3. Thus teaching it in schools amilamakap use inexpensive tests.
Due to the unique flavor of this variety of concepts which itan drinks, sweets are being made to produce silk.
Lemon fruit nutrients in grams ๐ŸŽพ100
Water content - 50 grams
Fat - 1.0 g
Protein - 1.4 g
Starch - 11.0 g
Mineral fiber - 0.8 grams
Fiber - 1.2 grams
Calcium - 0.80 mg
Phosphorus - 0.20 mg
Iron - 0.4 mg
Carotene - 12miki
Thiamin - 0.2 mg
Niacin - 0.1 mg
Vitamin A - 1.8 mg
Vitamin B - 1.5 mg
Vitamin C - 63.0 mg
Its high vitamin C content, ripohplovinum
Can heal ulcers. Lemon juice mixed with a pinch of salt water
Koppalikka patumaru throat several times in the throat
Ulceration, stomatitis River.
Elumiccaic juice mixed with water in the mouth, often mouth koppalit
Bad odor disappears.
Vantiya? With lemon juice, incic juice, add a little honey,
Mix with warm water to eat the fleeting visible.
When drinking hot water mixed with juice elumiccaic heartburn, belching, reduce stomach bloat. Jiranacakkiyum increases.
Kalliralaip lemon tonic to strengthen the best.
Ana pittanir on the right leads to the secretion. In gallbladder
Helps to dissolve the stones.
Carumap punkalukaku used anticeptikkakap. Tatavivara lemon juice on the face, black heads, wrinkles disappear.
Mix lemon juice with the skin color of the face palet tatavin electrifying.
Tinamum tepid water in the morning on an empty stomach juice of lemon, a teaspoon sipping tenutan to lose weight.
Because it helps remove excess pottaciyam heart defect.
Uyar blood pressure, dizziness, diarrhea, vomiting rid of such problems.
Iravu time in warm water, lemon juice with honey
Drink mix will get good sleep. Besides the body, calm the mind
Manaaluttam, stress, cleanses. Toxic materials from the body,
Provides relief to arthritis bacterial microorganisms expelled.
Iratta cuttakarip helps.
Kalara, helps to eliminate the impact of viruses and the flu, such as malaria.
Water drops of lemon juice to mix up so cila
If we stimulate the taste buds of the tongue, the taste is visible.
In talai potukut harass you, rub lemon kilts
Uriyap little time taking bath cleanses potukut nuisance.
Health is more than the benefits of the fruit ciriya itanaippayanpatutti
Live life.
Iyarkai beauty, freshness, enthusiasm will bring all of this.
Telkottin that point, the lemon cut in two
Two-piece landing rub poison.
Mix the juice of a lemon to give talaivali katunkapi healed immediately.
Collapse nir, pittanoy, cuts warmed to constipation
Lemon juice mixed with sugar or salt if drinking, may be appropriate relief.
Mayakkam, vomiting, nausea, mouth, nirvetkai, hysterical, eye infections, ear
Enjoy the healing nature of the pain stems lemon.
For kaliccal taking drugs, so licentious
Kaliccalum, in the event of vomiting, Cumin seeds with honey-gold leaves
Roasted, along with lemon juice and leave
Distillation, pauses, if the vomiting immediately, kaliccalum.
Pitta elumiccai juice to wash myself in the head, rubbing his head,
Wired, includes body heat.
Atipattu lemon juice if you're wearing black blood polattai
(Darker polam dried milk of a cactus. It's the drug
Available in stores) in place of an injured distillation along pucivara
Rattakkattu shaken.
Nakaccurru hole in the finger with a lemon
The plugin itself to reduce the pain.
Elumiccam drink juice mixed with honey will dry cough.
Mix buttermilk drink with a decrease in blood pressure. Cause some irritation on the foot. Others in henna paste mixed with lemon juice and rub it on the feet have healed irritation.
Squeeze lemon juice and grind leaves ciritalavu with it
Mix in water with a little salt and drink it stops vomiting.
Elumiccampalat put the seeds in distilled water, from which
Nirpinicam catch the spirit will arise in the face of the child.
Grind a lemon leaf beetle repellent cimaiyakatti
Mix the juice and put it above the cure herpes.
2-day soak in lemon juice cirakattai keep
Place in the sun to dry with the sauce. Lemon juice is a fine dry night again and again to soak in the sun to dry. Fine powder dries, take it with a spoon of honey or mixed with water and three times the size cappittuvara
Indigestion, lowers Pitta. Aluttamcirakum blood.
Lemon is very important in preventing rattak kotippait
Role. In addition to the bad blood purifier
There is something more than citrus fruit.
Nutritious vitamin A, vitamin C, lots of citrus fruit
There. The citric acid in lemon Antiseptic
Character. So the attack of infectious disease germs
Protects the body from the eye.
On the issue of enlargement of the spleen soup and eats fruit elumiccam
Escape from.
Elumiccam fruit juice mixed with honey to eat a nutrient-rich
Is just the tonic needed to revive the body and the light
Citrus fruit can be obtained by humans.
Ittanai citrus fruit that can be beneficial to the faeces
The building has to be tempered. There will come away with honey but malakkattu.
Utal obesity, cholesterol, overweight, ZEN, a elumiccaiccaru drink daily for diabetes sufferers.
Vayirruvali, stomach bloat,
Chest irritation, eye pain
Okay precious juice. Highest
Chloramine. Potash
Is involved.
If high blood ZEN lemon
Get well.
Sealing cirunir
Divergent. Body toxins
Exhaust. The body's defense
The growing power of lemon.
Sea salt body is bloated
The handsome Manny lemon juice
Matiyuka minister in kanikal
Lemon is quality.
Just extract elumiccaic
Should not be used. Or with water
With honey should be used.
Elumiccai, onion
Cuttings, etc.
Should be used.
Ivvalavu beneficial tevakani (Lemon) if historical overstatement.

Monday, 20 February 2017

Exam preparation tips for students

Exam preparation tips for students

For some people there is paranoia about the nature of choice. But there is no need for that.
Understanding about choice, from any position if there is a corresponding activity, students will be able to pass with good marks.

Drawing (Picture) draw, how necessary the wall, thus the need for the eyes to read. Cooperating with the eyes not only to continue to read and write. So, pay attention to the protection of the eyes.

Eye pain, inflammation and irritation of the eyes, etc. symptoms. And, at times, choose to sleep less, being more alert, tired eyes. To avoid this, when reading, interspersed with a handkerchief, dipped in water, on top of the pad is best to take the eyes from time to time.

One day, at least two occasions, the eyes should be washed in clean water.
Rich in water content, such as cucumber, cooling yielding fruits, cut into thin slices, put on the eyes.

When an hour once or lax eyes, close your eyes, it is better to rest for five minutes.

When he was stopped for a while in between, lush landscapes with scenes racippatan, eyes and mind to rejuvenate.

Before going to sleep at night, one or two drops of pure rose water, if not in the eyes, the eyes will not fatigue.

Besides, once a week, taking oil baths, and a vitamin A rich curry leaf, mint and coriander as beneficial to include in the diet.

Similarly, when he was alone in the room with good ventilation, the back, such as 90 degrees vertically, sitting upright, must learn to read.
If there is a separate room, airy, friendly place to study it. It matiyakavo home terrace, temple gardens, woodland house pinpuramakavo no matter what; It's important for the environment.

Lighting in the reading room, you sit down and read amaintirukkatavaru cuvarilo munpuramakavo or lateral. At the same time, too much and too little light reading, and please make sure to have the right level of brightness.
Stew called Pulp, yellow light gives the lamp response, in the light of a lamp tube light or white light reading, uruttatu eyes.

Lessons for teachers to read, notebooks, note papers write, write and see the pen and pencil to underline that, after taking his required all at once, and have to sit and read. Everything and, when needed, will take individually, while a decrease in interest and focus of study is on the termination.

From time to time, drinking water, intermittent eating biscuits, snacks and mosquito repellent devices near oil may keep no more than minor.

Anyone's help, we can be pleased with ourselves, apart from the aforementioned provisions, and others, cooperation needs to make some preparations.

Television, radio, relatives of unwanted calls, phone calls and disturbance caused by others within the home, such as the study of factors that influence, need to be adjusted.

Porulunarntu of subjects, properly understood, is not mind reading patuttip unanimity can keep in mind to stay.

'Concentration' form, we would be interested in making it work. One would be interested in, automatically, 'concentration' is a proven fact emerge. So I read with interest. They say at home, father and teacher scold us for such purposes, without having to read for you. "In my life, the study munneruvatark towards higher ... as' mind-set.

In general, suitable for study time in the morning. Because, at that time, the harassment of others is less, and the belly is empty. So, as jiranattirk, gastrointestinal bleeding may not need, go to the brain, the brain active.
Like the time in the morning, others may be less than the disturbances, night time, patippatarkena Make Reservation.

After reading each lesson, appatam based key points, in a separate note, memorandum, the chain, as well as sorting and write. But without these statements, in small words, and at the same time, while viewing the memo, so, come to think of all the information that you learned the lesson of the need lies.
Tamil, English language-based subjects, such as the need to take note of the important information.

Science subjects and, in parts, the images clearly drawing, equations, formulas, symbols and measurements consisted, among other, the history of the subjects and events of the year, whatever the event, who yarukkitaiye purpose, which is held in place, its results and effects consisted, among other, memoranda use.

Moreover, the "Study Group" Let us recall that by arguing with friends and reading lessons.

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Golden Bay Resort closed - becuase of AIADMK MLAs

Golden Bay Resort closed - becuase of AIADMK MLAs - Resort closed - hopper ate cooked in the resort .. .. AIADMK MLAs complained against naraticcuttanka
While detained in the resort kuvattur MLAs support Shashikala wine bottle in hand, lay the blame parileye Resort managers have said that.

On the night of February 7th against cacikalavirku opannir wealth away from the Marina, gave an interview to meditation on the beach. Forcing the resignation of the accused obtained. Subsequently, the AIADMK was split. Some MLAs supporting opies said. 11 MPs supported opies go home. Opies page MLAs are letting go 10 days kuvattur were imprisoned in the Golden Bay Resort. MLAs and 10 days, what did the owners of the resort had rubadub newspaper interview.

Many MLAs stayed at the resort naccarittanar frequently asked wine. We decided to go to Pondicherry to buy alcohol for them. But wine daily has been exhausted.

Wine bottles were limited in our view. Naccarittanar bottle of wine at the same time everyone is asking. Burned on servers fell a little late.

MLAs, ministers, as helpers, as car drivers dropped more than a thousand gathered in enjoying convenient ruined our resort.

Our kitchen can cook smaller, but thousands. Luxury resort hopper cooked and eaten with a variety of foods daily were destroyed.

Ricarttirku passengers did not get any of our MLAs and 10 days apart. MLAs back to the resort owners would be lying if we said our viyaparam. For the maintenance of resort owners have now been temporarily closed.

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12900 Followers on Twitter after joining with panneerselvam - ma foi Pandiarajan

12900 Followers on Twitter after joining with panneerselvam - ma foi Pandiarajan
After panneerselvam along with the number of followers on Twitter itself has increased at a rate of 12900 Pandia mahpa.
The new information has been supporting himself tweeted enkiruntellam ..

I have 12900 new followers from India, USA, UAE, and more last week. See
- Pandiarajan K (@mafoikprajan) February 13, 2017

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How Pimples come and Natural treatments for Pimples

completely eliminate the mole...How Pimples come and Natural treatments for Pimples

Acne on the face that the name of the points. call pimples. This white color, civanto found. It would be no skin condition. Many people come to the pimple on the face of a young age. Hair grows on the face where the tissue has been destroyed along with the oil caught Pulp is going back to the pimple. Face, neck, chest, back, shoulder may come to places like this.

Pimple causing pain and suffering to the mind. The other is one of the hidden. If treated properly, and reduce completely. When vessels are not sealed in the opening of the oil spill, the pimple-like material known as blackheads. This paruvanatu rolls, top, red with pus inside is rather small kattikalaip.

Acne is due to come?
Checkout the excess fat in the face, borne hassle, imbalance of hormones, acne may come a few drugs. This is because excess fat from eating delicacies. For adolescents, pregnant women may pimples.

Automatic and fully ripe ripe pimple if it dries up, so the above pasting patalampe exposed skin. There will be scarring.

Dont pinch Pimples:
Killivitappatta troubling pimple pus of hands with broad scar on the skin, there is a groove, will become immortal. They are often grown parukkalait contactor press has become deeply.

Parukkalaik pinch wrong. Nerutamal, if untouched vatuvinrit pimples disappear themselves. If the tie is broken by drinking killuvat araikuraiyakap ripe, so the environment is very sad swollen increased inflammation, fever, severe pain, such as when people are in great danger of letting up.

Bathing is also due
Can be reduced by eating a lot of sweets. Especially chocolate, cream and avoid sweets. Eat light malamilakkikalaic two months.

Irilait body bathes daily bathing towel rub is good press. It is better to shrink too much rubbing of face soap.
Lentils, nuts, rice, such as rubbing oil Bisu remove mavukalait. Irilait face towel teyttuvituvat viyarvaik kolankalaic the muscles surrounding the vents valuvurru perukkamalum high cholesterol leakage, dirt can protect ataiyamalum tankamalum inflammation.

Stanamakum of kapat face. Refrigerant fat, blood and grease reaching the disorder is acne. Cholesterol changes here, as neutral blood, bitterness-based drugs are used.

Ayurvedic medicines are used malacutti viewpoint. Then restore normal skin color, pits repay, paint inducing drugs are combined.

In Ayurveda it is called mukatuksika. Paccorrippattai acne disease, coriander, Acorus, kostam, alammottu greased the ground. Herbal therapy has to nasyam through the nose. Sometimes veppampattai vantikkuk give ground. Pucin powder were ground carakkonraip immediate benefits.

Natural treatment for Pimples disappear
# Tutti leaves were ground tatavivarap pimples on the pimples disappear.

# Nannari root kasayat heal the pimples.

# Cut the root of one hundred grams, 25 grams of powdered sandal both powder mix nirvittuk tatavivara on tumors, pimples, cysts become venal.

# Possible amla powder mixed with powdered paruppup coppukkup response, the daily bathe using a variable physical oliperum Bahru.

# Nutmeg, sandalwood, pepper and ground clamp to the triad, acne disappears.

Glow face: If you have more scars on the face of the leaf juice Awara tatavivarat scars disappear in the face, the face will fade become shiny.

Get charm: arukampullai well and grind, as well as an equal amount of cow ghee, and 40 days of consumption, the available facial charm.

For dry skin: Body found dried gooseberry, nut, and avvappotuc elumiccaiccaru should be eaten.

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Itching of the skin - Medical reason

Itching of the skin - Medical reason

An alarm in the engine that runs our body is itching. One of the things you do not want us to enter the closed circuit 'alarm bell' feet itching symptom. If we were sleeping and waking and harass the opponent, which is a reaction that triggers the perception that once tolaic to scratch.

It is pleasant for some time, it will be a pleasure. That turns out to cause hatred and envy for several hours. If the erosion is the physical manifestation of allergy. To implement it in our skin 'mast cells'.

Resistance Protein
The root cause erosion to occur, the blood-forming resistance puratamtan smoking material. This 'imyunokulopul the - fly' (IgE) nodded. These proteins form blood cells. Smoking object enters the closed circuit for the first time, waiting for this protein in the blood is formed.

Outdated material enters the body again, along with the protein allergen provokes mast cells. Because mast cells' histamine 'luyukkotr's' (Leukotriene) the discharge of chemicals. Expands blood vessels, which will hit the nerve ends. Its vilaivaltan itching, psoriasis, skin etc Terracotta occur.

Most of the time we can not control erosion. Coriyat enrukutap start looking at public space. Kuraintumvitukiratu coriyac scratch the itch a little bit. How? 'Land-line phone, it will work like mechanism. Land line phone, and connect the opposite ends of the one kampitan people. Therefore, the same number at the same time be able to talk to two persons.
Besides, the information will erode and carry it to the brain, from the brain to the fingers and bring the command to scratch one 'kepiltan nervous. We began to scratch, this naramputan corikira sense leads to the brain. It takes only one entry at a time to the brain, because the brain from taking sentiment temporarily stopped itching, stinging scratches only carries it to the brain. Thus reducing erosion.

what is the reason?
Probably cause corrosion reasons. However, these two categories have been kept in the medicine. One way to come from outside of the body. Being next to utalukkulleye.

One of the leading opponents of artificial ornamental objects from outside of the device. Soap, cents, vermilion, talaiccayam, lipstick, Nail polish, mukappavutar, cream etc intolerance for the body and cause corrosion. Some wool, Darlin, nylon, animal skin clothes as the body begins to erode.

If you do not agree Diaper eczema in children on the buttocks. Rubber shoes, watches, tape, paint, pesticides, chemicals may cause corrosion material. Still others plastic bangle, gold jewelry, jewelry Covering itching occur. In particular, the 'nickel' itch caused by the type of jewelry, most common in women in our country. Tuvaikkap cloth or soap powder used titerjent alarjiyaki some women, causes corrosion.

When the skin has become so tatimanavat, coracorappakik karuttuppokiratu. These places coriyac scratch due to a water swollen blisters, stout, water swell. The 'solvent syndrome' (Eczema) is called. Once this is complete vide cause corrosion.

Will not feel cold!
Kulirumkuta heat can cause some erosion. In the summer, the sun's UV-rays alarjiyaki erosion; Despite severe itching viyarkkuru coming. In the winter dry skin itching caused panikkarrup silk. Next, the erosion pets. The main cat. Bud the cat's hair for some people to take utampellam itching rashes occur.

It scratching the thigh
Mushroom germs into the interstices of the thigh can cause corrosion. This extreme itching at night. Akalamakap force in the place seemed to be itching to increase. Call interdigital lesions mud is also a factor that cause corrosion. The women who work at home using too much water can be troublesome.

Next, the body armpit in people with obesity, the waist of the environment, to put the thigh, breasts ... so many places in the bottom of the mushroom erosion damage caused harassment. Bacteria and joined in these places, "the skin fold infections' (Intertrigo) appears. This is a plague that can increase corrosion. Besides these lice, dandruff, mosaic, eczema, skin diseases such as coriyacis cause corrosion. Ant, mosquito, bee, wasp, beetle, spider-like insect bites, to pour into the skin of psoriasis, itching, skin civantupo cause such disturbances.

The erosion vayatan
There is no reason for the erosion of old age coming on. Vayatanavarkalukkut secreted by oil glands in the skin of the decline occurring in the skin dryness causes corrosion. Falls cause some itching after bathing.

Alerting Diseases
Any infection in the body, may cause corrosion. Example: property Dentists, airway inflammation, such as inflammation of the urinary tract. Itching in the rectum foundation 'book worm' may be due. Although the body of the worm in the bowel which can lead to corrosion. Utampellam rare, the body that something may be a sign of cancer.

Besides, diabetes, anemia, jaundice, kidney failure, thyroid problems, pittappaip problem, 'Multiple skilirosisenum brain nerve problems, such as erosion may be due to hereditary.

Food and medicine
We ate food intolerance, which can lead to corrosion. Especially milk, yogurt, eggs, shrimp, meat, sea fish, dry fish, tomato, soybean, peanut, cashew, fruits such as cherry say. In foreign processed food, are warning of corrosive compounds. Like the food we eat to the medicines may cause erosion. In particular, aspirin, penicillin, sulfa, nimiculait, malaria medicines to the example, Lam. This is why some doctors first examine regularly paying anttipayattiks injection drugs before putting smaller.

Cognitive Problems
The erosion of anxiety, fear and stress are other reasons such as mental. 'Histiriya the body of people with mental illness and imagine if the pest uruvataippe. Anytime the body will corintukonte. Their psychic erosion kunamanaltan right.

'Ill rarely an' A 'in the pottukko that normally would at home. What occurred at the same time held out that treatment, erosion control completely. We have to eat the medicine, as the risk of calls.

Katturaiyalar, the General Practitioner.

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