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5 startling facts about chicken!

5 shocking facts about chicken! |  the side effects of broiler chicken | Reasons Chicken Is Not A Health Food

there are many differences between today chicken and the chicken we were eating 50 years ago.
5 shocking facts about chicken! |  the side effects of broiler chicken | Reasons Chicken Is Not A Health Food

Chicken meat is eaten mostly by everyone. But that is today turning out to be the diet killer because of the Slow Poison in it.

Antibiotics !

Poultry industry is increasing the amount of antibiotics injection to increase its fertility. It is eroding the health of poultry as well as eroding the health of people consuming it.

Increase the weight of Chicken:
Chicken today are four times bigger than the chicken were on 1950s. Furthermore, a study shows that the the amount of cholesterol in poultry chickens are in 250% increase than 30 years before.

The hormone drugs in poultry are injected to cause the chicken appear bigger in size and weight. Girl child will achieve Puberty as soon as possible because of the excessive use of drugs and harmones

Arsenic is a kind of chemical. Arsenic is added in large amounts than that of the govt permitted levels in to a lot of chickens produced today. It is harmful  to the human body.

Poison across the chest!
Everyone wants to eat chicken breast. But, today, 97% of bacteria is present in the chest area of a chicken we eat. This is one of the significant deterioration of our health.

 the side effects of broiler chicken, Horrifying Things About the Chicken You Eat, 

side effects of eating chicken with hormones

Amazing Places in India to visit before you get married

Amazing Places in India to visit before you get married 

Many people say that there is no age for traveling, but definitely there is age limit to enjoy. You Should Visit Amazing Adventure Places In India Before Marriage With Your Friends.
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Are you about to get married? Travel solo to one of these amazing destinations in India.

Some of the places to go for young people before getting married

Tourism is a rare treasure for us is to keep the freshness. Once the marriage is over, if you feel you could not enjoy life after marriage then you should go to these places before your marriage to enjoy the thrill..

Dudhsagar Water trekking

Dudhsagar Waterfalls Trek -One of India's Tallest Waterfalls. Dudhsagar Falls is a four-tiered waterfall located on the Mandovi River in the border of the Indian state of Karnataka

A trip to the northeastern states
A visit to the northeastern states, where you get fresh air, natural places to visit.

Rajasthan Desert Camp
Straighten happy life with friends camping in the desert of Rajasthan. best desert camps in jaisalmer, Rajasthan Desert Safari Camp, Jaisalmer

Driving is an adventure in Bandipur forest
 Drive through the jungle!!. Inside the forest.  Bandipur National Park, an 874-sq.-km forested reserve in the southern Indian state of Karnataka, is known for its small population of tigers.

Cherrapunji Living Bridge
 Living root bridges are a form of tree shaping common in the southern part of the Northeast ... In the East Khasi Hills, living root bridges nearby Cherrapunji are known to exist in and around the villages of Tynrong, Mynteng, Nongriat. Discover The Root Bridges of Cherrapunji in Shillong, India: Centuries-old bridges grown from tangled ... Given enough time, a sturdy, living bridge is produced. living root bridge meghalaya.

A bicycle trip in the Nilgiris
 Enjoy two days to go and celebrate the Nilgiris. Celebrate bicycle and traveled there with friends. Set off on an adventurous bicycle trail of three days. Pay a visit to Masanagudi, Ooty, and Coonoor. En route, set your sights on the beauty

Dinner in Goa
 Be sure to treat the dinner planned in advance for visiting Goa. Entertain your friends for three days. Indulge in a luxurious dinner at Hotels and Resorts in Goa.

Republic Day in Delhi
Delhi Republic Day parade is the largest and most important parade that marks the Republic Day celebrations in India. The parade takes place every year on 26 Jan.  Large military parades are held in New Delhi.

Manali To Leh Bike Trip Riding
 Riding bike Manali To Leh route.. but you need to first learn to drive a bike. Having said that, the journey on Manali Leh Highway could be a bit tricky .... also prefer to self drive or self ride to Ladakh by hiring a bike or car

Ratnagiri - travel by train
Ratnagiri is a district with a long coastline and the beaches in Ratnagiri are very popular making tourism in Ratnagiri a major industry of Ratnagiri.

Adventure on a mountain trip
you can go on a mountain for Adventure travel.

Para gliding in solang valley
 Paragliding at Solang Valley: Paragliding is one of the most exciting adventure sports. It can be a mix of skydiving and hang gliding. A bird's eye view of the surreal valley, an adrenalin rush and a memorable experience is all that Paragliding offers.

Ladakh yak riding
Yak Riding is another popular and exciting experience in ladakh and Zanskar. Usually the most of the yak ridding was usefull in zanskar Lungnak or Tsarap. Enjoy safari on yak brings you nearer to local culture and lifestyle of Leh Ladakh

Trekking in Roopkund
 Roopkund Trek. starts from Lohajung. Situated at the elevation of 3200 mts. Lohajung is the starting trekking point for Roopkund. The Roopkund trek can also be called Skeleton Trek due to the presence of different skeletons.

Quad biking in Goa
Quad biking is the Best Adventure Activities in Goa. Rain or Sun, ride through the muddy grounds for a quad bike in Goajust INR 600.

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The Eight-shaped walk by Ancient Tamil People

The synthesis of eight-shaped walk by Ancient Tamil People

The admirably simple method of obtaining health

The best means of synthesis

A daily walk for 30 to 60 minutes

By adopting health improved, to protect them from various diseases. It's best to walk normally does not exceed what is happening in the form of eight.

Tips for training

Please draw. Please draw it north to south face. As in the film, just like the path of the arrow marked "1" is the beginning of "5" will go up again, "1" will come.

When you walk too rapid or too slow . Need to walk more naturally.

Every morning and evening for 15 - 30 minutes walk

Extraordinary. Time to walk in the morning or
Evening hours 5 - 6 (am or pm). Go out
Could not happen at home. Well and truly benefit,
This exercise intermittently
Must be at least 21 days.
Walk to the end of the silent walk.
Pray magic happen in the mind.
use Praana familiar to seals if  The seal is possible.

The training from south to north

Or from north to south
Want. At the end of the 15th minute of irunacittuvarankal
Inhaled through the breath and feel it. Then
Nataippayirciyanatu continue for a further 15 minutes
Want. In the intervening time,
Carry out or evaporates automatically umilvatalo Bronchitis may resort.


This exercise morning and evening 1 hour

If we were blood on the palm and fingers
If you feel the flow-red. 70-year-old
At the age of 50 will be reduced. Diabetes, dementia and reduced youth .. completely recovered. Kulircciyin cause headache, constipation

Cuvacikkappatum breathing oxygen goes inside the 5 kg fully repealed Bronchitis. Two Nazis in Nazi caused by breathing in fully

Gets relief from colds.
Increases eyesight, glass factory
Excluded from the team. Others
Point of no more than spectacles

Increases in the ears of the hearing. 5 kg of excess energy the body gets oxygen into the body.

If we do this exercise in the mornings and 1 hour (Hernia) kutalirakkanoy healed. If the blood pressure level walk


If irantuvelai 30 minutes, Foot rash, pain, joint pains disappear. Old, iyalatorum walk, with the help of others to benefit by wheelchair.

Everyday 'eight' walk, so we can live healthy. Obesity, blood pressure, heart disease, asthma, eye diseases, nasal congestion, insomnia, arthritis, back pain, depression, etc. are critical noykalkuta gradually recovered completely. Good
The benefit of this exercise intermittently
Must be at least 21 days. Hail
Nalamutanum valamutanum.

Look what happens to the bull after killing in Spain

Look what happens to the bull after killing in Spain, Bull is dragged by horse from the ground and it is shifted into a truck with the help of a crane. it is cruel activity. there is not peace for the bull even after the death. May god give rest in peace..
Look at what happens to the bull after killing in Spain, spain naatil kaalaiyai kondra piragu enna nadakkum paarunga.

Palm water medicinal benefits

Palm water medicinal properties:

Today we talk about old and not merely varattuvatam. In fact, we should change the soil. In a previous post stated that the issue of vaccination patanir in Jaffna. So this post is about, try counting as importing patanir this time. Panamatumattum patanir not a vegetarian is that this is our tamilateciya drink. It was pure and that stimulating the special.Dear alone. Doing this on a large scale in our country for medical use of the enormous variety of activities and may nikkavallatu diseases. This patanirilum, palm vellattilum saw all know that there is no feed. Patanir eliminating leprosy disease Patanir down from the palm tree in the morning one day, lying down in the evening sipping panaiolaippa using panaiviciriyiyai Enjoy the food in the bowl panaiolai panaiolai leprosy 96 days if the carrier has to leave orumaruttuv note. Menopause ban Menstruation, uterine pain blocked so. Blood stung Take 50 grams of fenugreek seeds lightly roasted mix used in the morning and evening twice properly mixed with 50 ml hot patanir aruntivara mula cools down blood dysentery. Mix used, as well as half a teaspoon of turmeric mixed with 50 ml dose in the morning and dropping patanir tontaippun peptic ulcer, thermal droppings, droppings removal of mucous. Patanir This is a characteristic of our national beverage eighty patanir we know this is the cause of unemployment is banned in Tamil Nadu Tamils ​​die Patanirum wins the job will it be? Besides, this is also an enchant other items by unloading patanir (aracuvirpatutan) kuraiyumtane sale? So payanataiyatu capitalism itself? The coming of the new aracakilum patanir vaypalittu panaiporutkalai market forced the people to die and take action. Orukuvalai (250 ml) in patanir nutrients .8 Grams of sugar 28 Alkali 7 kiram 35 .4 mg calcium 5 .5 mg iron 32 .4 mg Phosphorus 82 3 mg of thiamine 44 .5 mg of ripopila .2 Acukarpik acid 12 mg .1 Nicotinic acid 674 mg .7 Mg Protein 49 113 calories, 3 mg The fiber considered in the women's karukkalat / Peru eliminates constipation caused by time. Strengthening everyone's heart. In which the calcium strengthen bones. Adding an aphrodisiac . Beautiful palm tree ... ... often comes to mind frequently comes to mind ... Save disease cittamaruttuvam win

Benefits of eating almonds that soaked in water

Benefits of eating almonds that soaked in water - Nature Medicine 

Homemade rice pudding, etc. Kesari your mother a lot while cooking, cashew, almond seen adding. Some homes even when the moms Soak almonds overnight, and will eat in the morning. The reason for this, helping to enhance the beauty of the skin of almonds, increases memory power.

If simply eating more almonds, various nutrients available to the body, the body will be strong and healthy.

Cleaning the digestive system: -

Whether or not healthy digestive system velikkattivitum our face. If you have weak digestive system, constipation may occur. So if there is constipation, pimples will start to come. But if you eat almonds soaked in the morning, increasing the amount of bacteria that grows in the stomach, normalize digestion, and thus help you get beautiful and healthy skin.

Rich in vitamin E: -

In the face of pimples, blackheads etc. from more, go to the doctor and ask for the appropriate remedy, he suggests that vitamin E mattiraikalait. That's because vitamin E skin beauty and health offers. Such is the high level of vitamin E in almonds. So if you eat almonds daily, lotions can be prevented.

Aging: -

Almonds have been shown to be the subject of aging. So with eating almonds everyday, everyday, face massage with almond oil if skin prevents the occurrence of wrinkles. More prominent with black rings, blackheads remover etc, can increase the skin's color.

Healthy heart: -

Almonds provide better protection for the heart. Because the fiber, preventing urincuvatait body fats. The more vitamin E, an caccurettat mono fats, magnesium and antioxidants in the body, regulating blood flow. Absorption and elimination of fats, and decreasing the amount of cholesterol in the body, to prevent damage to the heart.

Memory power and energy: -

Almonds with increased retention ability, increases the body's energy. Because the energy of the body, such as the increasing magnesium ripohple and active throughout the day can help. In short, to increase the energy efficiency of your almonds.

Reducing weight: -

If you eat almonds daily, and is reflected in body weight. Because of these vitamins, and other nutrients kanimaccattukkal filled, they often prevent hunger. This seemed to be the fault of inappropriate foods ignored. So if you want to reduce weight, eat almonds.

Health Benefits of Palm jaggery

The clinical benefits of palm jaggery | Health Benefits of palm jaggery

The clinical benefits of palm jaggery.
And in sharp contrast jaggery sugar pakaiyo us how many of our close friend. Medical benefits pananPalm jaggery infinite.
Like sugar and has enabled us to break free from the impact of various diseases is healing jaggery
. Today, in contrast to the advantage of jaggery sugar properly without the appropriate medical care and drugs for most diseases will avaciyamillamale.
"Food is medicine", which asks every contracting party, the time required for the environment will be essential for the body at the time of matching offers jaggery. Is consistent with the balance of body movement.
palm jaggery's medical benefits:
1. Palm jaggery is high in iron and calcium. This increases the immunity.
2 vittam the-P, and amino acids, rich jaggery controls diabetes.
3 paruvam jaggery reaching women, including black gram Dal has more uluntankali uterus are healthy. The more fiber.
Vatakkic along with spinach  
4 kuppaimenik Palm jaggeryyaic eats dry cough, chronic calit rid of nuisance.
5 Palm jaggery and numerous vitamins, mineral nutrients are available.
6 karup bar to cool the body naturally. In which 'kilaicimi Index' mixing sugar levels in the body, affecting more than white sugar reduces below.
7 carkkaraikkup jaggery instead of drinking coffee. Lime and gum disease are the most resistant. The patients also drink sugar ...
Suitable for children 
8 Palm jaggery pudding. Young adults prefer to jaggery.
Giving the industriousness 9 Palm jaggeryirattattai cuttikarittuutal
10. menipalapalappai receive.
11 Palm jaggery eaten with lime to clean the body
If you eat well and hungry along with jaggery roasted 
12 cirakattai Removal of gas when eaten along with jaggery 
13 omattai nuisance.
14 karumpucakkarai jaggery instead use stronger parkalumelumpukalum
15 nirilivu patients (diabetes patients) kaikuttalaricicatat mixed with jaggery cappittuvant control the amount of sugar are often reduced urine flow.
17 kulantaikal continue to consume calcium is necessary for namutal
Karppapa 18cukkuPalm jaggery to bag more suitable for women.
For 19c, pepper and jaggery mix of women with child eats milk nanrakacur

20 antatay-available nutrients good for the baby to drink milk.

Some of the natural ways to prevent rat, lizard, fly, mosquito, cockroach, bedbug in Your house..

Some of the natural ways to prevent rat, lizard, fly, mosquito, cockroach, bedbug in Your house.. 

Each course of the house suffered as much trouble with rat, lizard, fly, mosquito, cockroach, bedbug .

Using inappropriate materials in stores that sell them, to drive them off, replace them with a few natural ingredients that can be easily overcome.

"Mice" - mice do not like the smell of mint. Petronas pottalo so they squeeze the locations in which mice vaittalo dipped in punch or mint oil, they can be prevented.

"Lizard": - Does your household occupy wall lizards ..? Put the egg in the corners of the house, then drove on. If its narrattin, lizards go away.

"House fly": - more than a few houses, swarming house fly. So if you sit at home, too, come to cultivate basil plant to keep home windows. Otherwise, lavender, eucalyptus and let the oil spray. For this coming to control flies.

"Mosquitoes": - Neem helps to avoid mosquitoes. Suggest that neem is far better than many mosquito repellents. So if there are more mosquitoes in your house, aflame with dried leaves of neem. Thus the mosquitoes are destroyed by the smoke.

"Cockroach" - saw a cockroach bug as much fear. In places like the cockroach scare pepper powder, onion paste, garlic paste and mix in a little water sprinkles, they can be prevented.

"Bedbug": - If you have more bedbug mattress of your home, if the sprinkling of onion juice, bug and will be destroyed by its smell.

Simple natural ways to get rid of white marks on Nose

The ugly nose Simple natural ways to get rid of white marks

Black with white spots, like points, nose, chin and tataip come in such areas. The issue is oily skin will be much unpleasantness. The white point of the question that comes to hormones and genes.

White dots dirt in the pores of sebum, dead cells and excess oil secretion or blockage, which can cause. Deleting a little hard white points. Here are some simple natural ways to overcome those ugly marks are white.

Baking soda
Baking soda with water to make a paste and apply on white spots in the area for a while, and then washed skarap. 2 times a week doing this to get a good result. After you use this action, particularly regular toner.

Capturing the spirit
Impurities and dead skin cells that capture the spirit of the discharges, flashed skin will be revamped. The spirit, then, is to take a clean cloth and wipe the skin well.

Mix with sugar, lemon juice, and apply on the affected area to soften skarap, Wash. The white spots on the skin, blackheads etc. exit completely.

Otsai powder mixed with yogurt, nose, chin and jaw areas skarap rub gently, then rinse off. Removes the white spots on the skin, the skin will be soft without dryness.

Apple cider vinegar
Mix equal amounts of apple cider vinegar with warm water, apply on the face for 10 minutes, wipe with water-soaked ball of cotton to pick. If this were to continue, with white spots disappear.

Bark powder
With bark powder mixed with honey and apply on the affected area, have to be washed and soak for a while. In which the anti-inflammatory properties, but also white spots, pimples will go.

Chickpea flour
Add milk and besan paste and apply on the face for 20 minutes and is well laid out and can be washed in cold water and rubbing. This completely removes dead skin cells, the white spots are formed.
Mookkil irukkum vellai pulligalaip pokka vazhigal - home remedies for whiteheads, whiteheads on nose removal, whiteheads around nose crease, karumpuli maraiya tamil tips

Child Vaccination Schedule

Child Vaccination Schedule

IAP recommends at least 7 vaccines for children belonging to the high-risk category: Influenza Vaccine. Meningococcal Vaccine. Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine. Cholera Vaccine. Rabies Vaccine. Yellow Fever Vaccine. Pneumococcal Polysaccharide Vaccine IPV – Injectable Polio Vaccine. HiB – Haem.Influenza 'B' Vaccine. MMR – Measles Mumps Rubella. DPT – Diptheria/ Pertusis / Tetanus. DTaP – Diptheria / Tetanus/ Acellular Pertusis. OPV –Oral Polio Vaccine.

From birth to 10 years of age, children should be given a schedule of vaccines and drugs.

From birth until the age of 16, children of vaccines and drugs to be made in term
Table. It is a common table. Some children have different effects Timetable
Vary. Your child's doctor is important to get the advice and act upon it.

Age medicine

After birth piciji
Polio drops
Hep B
6 weeks DPT - 1
Polio drops
Hep B - 2 of the
10 weeks DPT - 2
Polio drops
14 weeks DPT - 3
Polio drops
Polio drops to 6-9 months
Hep B - 3 of the
9 months misals vaccine (measles)
15-18 months MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella)

DPT - 1 of the booster

Polio drops
5-year-old DPT - 2 of the booster
Polio drops
10-year-old TT (Tetanus) - 3rd Booster
Hep B - Booster
15-16 years old TT - 4 th booster


Hep B - hepatitis B vaccine

DPT - diphtheria, tetanus, vaccination pertusis

MMR - Smallpox Vaccine

Tetanus Booster - once in 5 years.

Having your child's vaccines and vaccines for the next time if you know of any significant change

Tell to your doctor before.
If you are able tie

Typhoid vaccinations, hemopilas inpluyaja Type-B vaccine, hepatitis A vaccinations, vericella (measles)

And the Indian Academy of Pediatrics recommends vaccination. The feasibility of times your child
Consult a doctor.

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