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9 Foods for Healthy Liver

9 Foods for Healthy Liver

Liver store house, where Iron, Vitamins and Minerals are accumulated. It has great importance in body metabolism. This makes bile juice, which helps in digesting food. But we can not pay attention to this due to our busy routine and it becomes sour. Today, we will tell you some diet that you can include in your diet and keep the liver healthy.


Vitamin C contains high amounts which protects the liver from being damaged. It also prevents carcinogens from being collected in the liver.


Garlic has a lot of nutrition which helps to clean the liver. It creates enzyme in the liver so that it can absorb nutritious elements and get rid of dirty substances.

Root vegetables

Diet containing flavonoids, it repairs levissant cells such as beet, carrot, potato etc., allowing the liver to function properly.

Green tea

It contains anti oxidant which exits free radicals from the liver and cleans the dirt early.

Green leafy vegetables

This proves to be very helpful in extracting toxic elements from the liver. The chlorophyll element present in it reduces the effects of hazardous chemicals in the liver. Vegetables such as spinach, leaf cabbage, bitter gourd etc. are extremely beneficial for bile synthesis.


There is monosaccharide fat with the glutathonin compound present in it, which helps to clean cells and tissues with the cleaning of the liver. By taking it always improves the lining of the liver so that the liver remains healthy.


By eating an apple daily, the liver is healthy.

whole grains

In this vitamin B complex is found in good quantities which balances fat. Brown rice, multi grain flour and soy flour are very good for liver.

Olive oil

Olive oil, when used in fine quantities, provides the perfect lipid base for the liver. This reduces the load of dirt, making the liver's work longer and easier.

15 Home remedies for the treatment of liver disease

15 Household remedies for the treatment of liver disease

Our liver plays an important role in the metabolism of sugars, fats, and iron. This organ reduces the fat in the body by producing the urtus. Liver also helps in the production of protein and blood clots. Symptoms of liver disease include fatigue, weakness, weight loss, nausea, vomiting and jaundice. If more than 75% of tissues of the liver are damaged, then it affects the functioning of the liver.

The liver can easily regenerate its damaged cells. If more than 75% of liver cells are destroyed then they are unable to meet the needs of the body. Liver diseases can be treated by some home remedies and medicines. However, in the event of liver failure, you may have to resort to liver transplant.

1 apple vinegar:
 Apple vinegar exits the toxic substances present in the liver. Before applying the apple vinegar, it reduces the fat of the body. Mix one teaspoon apple vinegar in a glass of water. Now mix one spoonful honey in this mixture. So drink this mixture three times a day.

2 Milk Thistle:

Milk Thistle This herb is useful for many diseases of liver disease. According to some evidence, this herb helps to remove viral hepatitis, cirrhosis, alcoholic hepatitis, mushrooms and toxicity of chemicals from the body. Take this herb in the amount of 900 mg twice before meals twice a day.

3 root of Kukorunda tea:

The root of the Kukorunda root, you will find the root of Kukorunda root in the market very easily. Eating tea made from this powder improves the functioning of the liver. To get more profit, drink this tea twice a day. If you wish, by boiling the root in water, you can drink and drink water.

4 Childrens:
This is a great solution for people with obesity. In Ayurvedic medicines, Muthri is used for the treatment of liver diseases. Make a root powder of Muthooti! Now put this powder in boiling water. Let it stay for a few minutes and filter after cooling. Drink this tea flavored water once or twice a day.

5 staff:
 This is one of the most enduring sources of vitamin C and its consumption maintains the efficiency of the liver. Studies have proven that elements in the liver have protecting the liver. For the health of the liver, you should eat 4 to 5 raw meals a day.

6 turmeric:
 Turmeric acts as an antioxidant drug and antiseptic properties present in it help a lot to improve the health of the liver. Prolonged healing of turmeric helps prevent hepatitis B and C virus from growing. Use turmeric in your recipes. Drink half a teaspoon of turmeric in a glass of milk before sleeping at night. Mix one spoonful of turmeric in a spoonful of honey every day.

7 Papaya:
 Mix two teaspoons of lemon juice and drink it in two teaspoons of papaya juice every day. Use this mixture for three to four weeks to get rid of this disease completely.

8 linseed seed:
 The liver removes the unwanted hormones present in the blood and is the cause of stress of the liver. Pithoconstituent in the seeds of linseed inhibits the growth of unwanted hormones in the blood, and thus reduces the stress of the liver.

9 spinach and carrot juice:
 This home remedy is very beneficial in the treatment of liver cirrhosis. Mix half glass of carrot juice in half glass spinach juice. Now drink this natural juice daily.

10 Rookie and Walnuts:
 If you want to protect your liver from the attack of diseases, then include ruchira and nut in your diet. Glutene, present in the Ruchira and the nut, exits the toxins accumulated in the liver.

11 Stay away from alcohol:
 If you want to keep your liver healthy then stay away from alcohol. Drinking alcohol can spoil your liver.

12 apples and green vegetables:
 Green vegetables increase the flow of bile and the pectin present in the apples exits the toxic substances located in the digestive tract. In this way, both of these protect the liver.

13 Make:
 By regular exercise, the person's digestive system works properly and also helps in weight loss. Exercise comes sweating, and through the skin, the toxic substances get out of the body.

14 Drink more water:
 Water exits the toxins present in the body, so Rajana drinks plenty of water. Drink 10-12 glasses of water per day to get rid of your liver healthy and toxic substances.

15 green tea:
 This is a great remedy for liver diseases. Green tea contains high amounts of caricina, which helps in the functioning of the liver. Drink 3-4 cups of green tea every day to keep your liver safe.

Types of liver disease, causes of liver disease

Types of liver disease, causes of liver disease

What is liver disease?

Dr. Nayyar, Mandal, MD

The liver is one of the largest solid organs in the body. It is located in the upper right part of the stomach. Most of the organ is under the guise of rib cage.

Liver function
It does its job even on the size of the liver that makes it very important.

Its major functions include passing through the stomach to food processing and converting it into energy that can be used by the body.

It also handles a powerful detoxification center that cleans drugs and blood to many chemicals, alcohol, poison and toxic substances.

The liver also makes bile and collects it in a small pouch just like the organism called the gallstones. This helps the bile digestion, especially fats.

Liver anatomy
The liver is divided into two major lobes that have been further divided into lobules.

Liver blood supply gets refreshed by the liver artery. It also receives blood from the portal vein that brings in blood rich in nutrients made from intestines or intestines.

Blood from the portal vein "Nutrient sale" and "cleaning" came from toxic substances in the liver.

Liver helps in processing or metabolizing nutrients such as glucose, cholesterol, medicines, etc. iron shops.

The liver is only one of the organs of the human body that can regenerate its own damaged tissues. Although leading to liver failure the liver with repeated damage and persistent injury can fail to do its functions. Liver failure can also sometimes be lethal. (1)

Causes of liver disease
Liver disease can vary in causation.

They may be of short duration, acute liver disease or long term, chronic liver disease. An acute liver disease can also be converted to a chronic liver disease over time.

Some liver diseases are caused by hepatitis viruses (A, B and C).

Liver disease also results in taking some medicines or alcohol over long periods of time. Occasionally the more diseased liver injury is contracted and becomes longer.

This condition is called cirrhosis. Other organs like liver can also suffer from cancer. (2)

Types of liver disease
Alcohol-related liver disease is one of the common venom-induced liver disease worldwide. In normal cases, liver alcohol breaks down in the body.

During a long period of time, a lot more intake liver fails to perform its functions leading to the condition called alcoholic lever disease.

There are three types of liver disease related to alcohol: fatty liver disease, alcoholic hepatitis, and finally the drug can be cirrhosis.

Alcohol-related swelling changes and ultimately begins the disease of the liver as accumulating fat on the liver after scarring or cirrhosis irreversible tissue.

Hepatitis phase goes to liver and damage inflammation. If alcohol is stopped, changes in the initial stages of alcohol liver disease can be reversed (3)

Liver disease can also be called non-alcoholic non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. It results in fat deposits on the liver and is seen in individuals with obese, diabetes and high blood cholesterol. It can affect 2-5% of the general population. (4)

Liver disease is a comprehensive term that includes all the conditions that cause the imbalance or unrest of the liver's functions.

Liver disease is also called liver disease. Since it is a big organ, almost two thirds of liver to show most individuals in the liver to be affected for symptoms.

If there is a very high blood pressure portal in the portal vein condition is termed high blood pressure. It can lead to increased stomach, cirrhosis, ascitis, bleeding, enlarged spleen, and sometimes jaundice. The bleeding may occur in the esophagus or through the rectum.

Portal hypertension is often the result of chronic liver disease that results from liver cirrhosis.

Portal hypertension can also sometimes lead to a condition where the brain is affected and that person can go into coma called the liver encephalopathy. This is usually accompanied by liver failure. (5)

By April Cashin-Garbutt, edited BA Honors (Cantab)

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5 simple ways to protect your eyes

5 simple ways to protect your eyes

Simple exercises for the eyes, simple 5 ways to protect your eyes, know better vision, clarity of vision, vision is correct, ways to improve eyesight, you have impaired vision- Seeming blurred vision, blurred vision, enhance eye sight

If we see the spectacle of the world's wonders in the retina, a thin element helps. Our eyes are the most susceptible to the risk of making such a great job and creep. Enough to follow the simple steps to defend it.

    According to most any fuss when the eyes, tired eyes persisted to be read.

    Kantekt lens or glasses for use according to need.

    Do not solely the visual line of computer monitors.

    Given the need to take a break from working on a computer in small
Foods suitable for the eyes

    We need to eat foods that lettuce week irantumuraiya
    Fish oil, coconut oil, olive oil is essential to the eyes
    Types of natural foods with coloring cerkkalam
    Eggs, butter is eaten twice a week
Eyes arokiyattirku

    Regularly check your eyes
    Avoid reading on the go
    Always read the book to keep at a distance of 40 cm
    Read in good light
    Sitting straight to work, socialize,
    Good sleep is essential
    Smoking refinements
    Wash your eyes with cold water in times of need
Some simple exercises for the eyes essentials
Yoga, swimming, jogging, etc. How much physical exercise is important to train our eyes is required for the same amount. Cause the eyes to keep your eyes healthy and reduce fatigue. Varamaliruppatarkum lead to any problems in the eyes.
Sit comfortably in a chair, palm rubbing the eyes after that heat mutikollavum palm. When doing so, do not stress too much over the eyeballs. Mukkona mutikkollumpati by the hands and nose should be.
When you close your eyes and realize the darkness, thinking that time many happy events, breathed in and out, slowly than that. As it should be up to 3 minutes.
Mutikontum eyes tightly for 3-5 seconds, then hold for 3-5 seconds to open. Repeat this 7 or 8 times.Eye Massage
Hot and cold water massage
Cold and warm water, thinking abnormal, eyebrows, eyelids closed, and press on the cheeks. To both interchangeably. Last solely to the pressure on the cold water.
Full facial massage
Dip a towel in hot water, except for the eyes, neck, head and all parts of the cheeks, to rubbing. Then, fingers gently massage the forehead and eyes closed.
Eyelid massage
Massage in circular movements of the fingers for 1-2 minutes to cover the numbers. After washing his hands clean, we need to press more lightly pressed.
Two hands with three fingers gently press the upper eyelids. Then, from 1-2 seconds and then release the aluttiyavaru intact. Repeat this 5 times.
Sit quietly, eyes would rotate to the right and then the left side. Repeat 5 times, so every time the Blink your eyes.
Seconds on a distant object (over 150 feet or 50 meters) refer. Then, slowly, eyes on the nearest object (at a distance of 30 feet or 10 meters) and look for 10-15 seconds. Refer back to the distant object. Repeat this 5 times.
Put a pencil to stretch the elbow, moving slowly coming to the front of the nose. Pay attention to the movement of the eyes, staring at the pencil. Repeat this 10 times.
Try to write your own eyes that saw the wall opposite the head, moving the cursor to write. It will be difficult at first if repeated, then get used to.
See acakkamal head up and down. It should be up to 8 times. Then, move to the left and right. Even up to 8 times. During its course, it goes on the eyes, forcing us to look in the wrong direction. Making it worse vision.
When the eye is not always able to exercise, good finish, rub the palms. Following the exercises for a long time, rather than making each day better for a while. These kind of exercises are best for those who work in front of the computer.
Easy day at the office for processing on your computer ovvoru likes few seconds, then your eyes payircikalaiyo mentioned above or refer to things in the distance.
Source: Natural Medicine - Daily News

Simple exercises for the eyes, simple 5 ways to protect your eyes, know better vision, clarity of vision, vision is correct, ways to improve eyesight, you have impaired vision
- Seeming blurred vision, blurred vision, enhance eye sight

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Ayurvedic ways to cure dark circles under eyes

Ayurvedic ways to cure dark circles under eyes
dark circles under eyes removal, how to remove black under eye circles naturally, how to get rid of dark circles overnight, best treatment for dark circles, beauty tips for eyes, face beauty tips, natural remedies, 

causes of dark circles

One of ruining the beauty of the face dark circles under eyes . Such dark circles under eyes  fatigue, insomnia, lower the water content in the body, caused by many reasons, such as watching computer long time. Ayurveda, there are several ways to alleviate such dark circles under eyes . If you use these methods to Ayurveda, with severance prominent with black rings, eyes energized, fresh found.

Ayurvedic ways to cure dark circles under eyes
Rose water
It would be a great help to alleviate dark circles under eyes Rose water. And cotton dipped in rose water, put a little bit of time to soak up the eyes to come. If we do this everyday, can be prevented prominent with black rings.

Nutmeg powder to make a paste and apply it around the eyes when the overnight soak over night lights, vitamin E and C in unconsciousness extract cleanses prominent with black rings.

This process is known to all. It has nothing to put cucumber slices over the eyes should be soaked for 15 minutes.

Tomato and lemon
Grind tomatoes in half, and half of the lemon juice, 1 pinch of turmeric powder and gram flour and mix with a little flour make a paste and apply it around the eyes to soak wash, prominent with black rings disappear.

turmeric powder
For this dark circles under eyes reversed.

Powdered almonds, add a little milk to make a paste and apply it around the eyes should be washed in cold water for 10 minutes. This too prominent with black rings disappear.

Lemon juice
1/2 teaspoon lemon juice, 1 teaspoon of tomato juice and 1 teaspoon Lentil flour paste, and apply it around the eyes should be washed in cold water for 15 minutes.

Mint leaves are ground and mixed with a little lemon juice, and apply it around the eyes should be washed and put to soak. It cleanses by prominent with black rings.

Source: Bold Sky

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10 reasons that you are unaware of being constipated

10 reasons that you are unaware of being constipated

Constipation is a problem that is often made fun. But for the person who is suffering from this problem, it is very uncomfortable and sometimes very painful. There is a situation in which the person is medically problem occurs in the bowel movement or having a bowel movement only occasional desire.

The health consequences are very constipated. Where there are several home remedies to deal with the situation along with the treatment is important to know the cause of the problem. So here to help you 10 common reasons are constipated.

Not Drinking Enough water or low Dehydration: If a person drinks less water than required to meet the body takes its own resources. Your body absorbs water from all possible sources, and the body tries to compensate by leaving litter are the main goal, which is constipated. It dries sewage or waste products which have difficulty in bowel movements. Also, when you eat slow food goes through the intestines and rectum, which absorbs the most water from the food problem is increasing further. Not drinking enough water, you will also enjoy reading about other consequences.

2. inactive or sedentary lifestyle: today in this age where everything is computerized went there went inactive lifestyle has become a standard. Many functions of the body to produce mucus, such as exercise, depending on the (necessary to keep the fluid lubricated rectum) and keep the metabolic rate high. When we are inactive, decreases the body's metabolic rate which is the problem of constipation.

3. certain medicines or drugs: Many drugs, such Anteedipresent (antidepressants), calcium channel blocking drugs and Daiyuretik etc. also experiencing constipation.

4. Pregnancy: During pregnancy, hormonal changes in women, causing much of the problem may be constipated. Another known cause of fetal growth is also causing pressure on the digestive pathways which slow food grows. During pregnancy the many home remedies to deal with the problem of constipation heard of.

5. Old Age: As people are aged in their body functions change. It has been found that slow the rate of digestion and metabolism in old age due to the problem of too many people are constipated.

6. Laxative (laxative medicine) because of over-using: most people Leksetiv to make bowel movements regular use. Leksetivadt gets involved in, which means that the more you use it, the next time to get the same results, you will need to take higher doses. If you use Leksetiv better leave you slowly get used to it.

7. cancer or other physical illness: Many conditions such as colon cancer, or other physical illness such as diabetes, Haipothayraidijm, Parkinson's may be due to the problem of constipation. In such a case, it is best to consult your medical doctor.

8. bowel obstruction: Constipation may also be indicative of the fact that you suffer from bowel obstruction. When this problem is very serious and the person does not have a bowel movement for several days Obsteepeshn it says.

9. Milk and milk products: Many people have a problem with lactose Intolrens. This is a situation in which the person is allergic to milk or milk products. This situation could be due to either diarrhea or constipation problem.

10. desire to go to the toilet to control: Many people are used to control the desire to go to the toilet. However, in many situations it is necessary to do so on a regular basis, but the problem may be constipated. This happens because when you pause the stool to move up the rectum and then not ejected completely.

15 home remedies to get rid of constipation

15 home remedies to get rid of constipation

We do not often talk openly about constipation. But this disease is quite common that everyone must have at some time.
Lack of water in the body, lack of nutrition in the diet, lack of exercise and poor people due to lifestyle diseases like constipation faces.

Patients usually complain of constipation, flatulence get. Though the disease can occur at any age, but appears to be dominated by women and the elderly constipation.
Constipation sometimes becomes quite acutely embarrassing. But early treatment of the disease but it should not shy away.

Before going to the doctor to remove the constipation problems at home must use some effective home remedies.

Household tips you will use your constipation problems will disappear immediately. So here's what to do for it:

Hot water and lemon
The citric acid in lemon frozen stomach is used to exclude dirt. 1 cup hot water you consume can squeeze lemon.

Fiber diet
Beans, whole grain bread, cabbage, potatoes, cabbage, Brocli, tomatoes, carrots, leafy vegetables, onions, and eat. Reshayukt diet is easy to digest and also erases the problem of constipation. Fruits in the banana, papaya, melon, lemon, mango, apple and Musmmi etc. should eat.

Olive oil
Olive oil stimulates your digestive system, which will clear your stomach comfortably. Morning on an empty stomach to take 1 teaspoon olive oil benefits. You can use lemon juice mix.

Guava and papaya
Guava and papaya fruit, two Amॄt constipation is similar to the patient. These fruits can be eaten at any time in the day. These Flon give enough strength to the filament and intestines.

Baking soda
Baking soda intake can recover up to 95% of your constipation. Ingestion of hot water 1 teaspoon baking soda to 1/4 cup to drink it.

Dates and milk
Drink warm milk to put in 3 palm lightly. The week-long intake, you will surely enjoy.

Kbji to overcome the problem of good bacteria in the gut are necessary. Plain yogurt probiotic get you, so you must drink the cup yogurt Dinr 1-2. Eat the breakfast.

Milk and ghee
Ghee in a glass of milk at bedtime drink 1-2 Cammc constipation also may completely disappear.

Linseed seeds
Flax seed powder to make fry on low light. 20 g powder in a glass of water and then take up to 3 hours after snowmelt filtering drink.

Triphala powder
Triphala mix the powder with honey twice a day should eat. It is an Ayurvedic Upachar.

Isabgul bran
Constipation is the ultimate benefactor. 1-2 tablespoons milk or water at bedtime take isabgul bran. It accelerates the process of intestinal stomach becomes blatantly clear.

Mix of fresh figs in a glass of milk to boil. Then drink it before going to bed. Figs are a lot of fiber, which is relieved immediately.

Spinach juice
Drink half glass of spinach juice twice daily. You will definitely enjoy it.

Cabbage juice
Drink half a glass of cabbage juice twice a day provides relief.

Pranayama and Yoga
To ward off the disease, pranayama and yoga are beneficial.

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