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You have to accept these things to your wife if you want to live happily in your life

If you live happily in your life, you can tell these things to your wife! | Tips for Husband and wife | Love Life Tricks and Lifehacks for peaceful Life, family psychology, wife psychology, husband psychology 

In order to live happily in life, husbands and wives should be loving, prevent fighting, ways to keep the men ... How should a husband be?

Do not be shy, even if you have fun!

Men always have a badge. Brother, sister, sister or brother, regardless of the relation between the husband and wife, lover or girlfriend, regardless of any relationship they think they should be somewhat gentle.

Thus, women are often told about snoring, and whenever they make small mistakes, they will turn back and ridicule. This will make their kettle up.

But if you want to get a high place in the mind of a woman or your wife, you have to leave all of this and agree with a four-five. Especially those who want to live in life should be admitted ....

This is not your job!
These jobs should change the idea that women should do the job of washing clothes, cooking, washing, cleaning the house, folding washed cloth, falling down and falling down.

There is nothing wrong!

Yes, when women take part in the men for the greatness of the house today. There is no mistake in working for men and women, beyond the fact that we are helping women in domestic work. So you have to admit that you can do homework and homework.

Knee and troubles!

For men who work in parallel to men, the same official stress for men, Target, and other high rank officials will be confused and disturbed. Men should admit that they are working beyond all.

Women are jealous of me. They should talk about the gossip, the jealousy of others, and the frequency of their criticism of others.

Will not come to mind!

If you put them in the hands of women, they will not come into your mind. So do not hold hands on their right. And their right to freedom is the right to them. Men must admit that men are mere guards!

Speaking of speech!

The wrong idea is that women should give their freedom to women. Who gave the right to women's freedom in their hands? In fact, it is wrong to think of keeping women in the 21st century.

We can!

In the Rio Olympics, Indian women have proven that we are not just parallel to men but more. Men should not be caught up with their co-men, and that's why they won.

Talent for everyone

Women can also accumulate success. Men must admit that men and women are equal. If you agree with these things to your wife, you will be happy in your life.

Thursday, 12 October 2017

How can we use ghee in a healthy way?

How can we use ghee in a healthy way? Ghee is good for the body. You can learn how to use this ghee in a healthy manner.

The main ingredient in Indian foods is ghee. Dilute the ghee, the health benefits will be fully available. But it is widely reported to be bad and bad fat. `This is a misconception. Ghee is good. But it should be a clean smoker, "says doctors.
How can we use ghee in a healthy way? Who can eat .. How to eat, ghee, masculine, buffalo ghee, pure pathetic ghee

Cows are good fat. It can do good in many ways for the body. But how is it that, in any way, when it comes to any diet, it is healthy in the dosage. Any ghee is good, let's see how it can be used in healthy ways.

According to Ayurvedic medicine, cow is better. Avoiding the preparation of buffalo milk is good for the body. Because it contains a lot of fatty nutrients. In addition, the fungus, vegetable oils, and fats are added to the body, resulting in a bad cholesterol called LDL cholesterol, which leads to cardiac arrest. Instead, do not think that we should avoid ghee. The right way to choose and use the clean smell is the right way. Ayurvedic medicine also suggests that it is better to use it.

Who can we eat ghee ... how can we eat ghee?

* Eat a cousin from an adult to fifty years old.

* Have to eat the first ingestion of the dish.

It's good to eat half a teaspoon of lunch.

* Must add salt to it. Only the ghee should not be eaten without salt.

* Instead of oil, ghee should be added to the lowest level by pouring gauze.

* Only lunch should be included. Adding to dinner, digestion is delayed.

* Only cooked in hot cooked food or eat only after mashing the cob. Unhealthy foods should not be left in foods that are in the fridge.

* In addition to applying the excess cholesterol, the protein in the pulp will lead to proper nutrition for the baby.

* Do not add biscuits, chicken gravies, chicken curry, chicken rice, fish, eggs and shrimp. Diabetes is too late because both are too fat.

* Chutney is rich in cholesterol. It will do good to the body.

* Helps to increase the cholesterol levels of good cholesterol in the body. This good cholesterol, which travels with blood, does not fall in the heart of the heart.

* The catalyst acts as a catalyst for brain neurons. It helps to maximize the brain's performance.

Who needs to avoid ghee?

Diabetes, gastrointestinal tract, vomiting, liver inflammation, stomach problems should be avoided.

Where to get clean ghee?

Available in the stores in Chennai, Madurai and Trichy. It will be golden as sand sand. Good smell comes from this. Prices are more expensive than normal stores.

Cow holders can buy and sell ghee.

Without looking at brands, you can buy and sell places that you can find near or near by your home.

100 hrs free cycling facility for Chennai Metro Rail Passengers

100 hrs free cycling facility for Chennai Metro Rail Passengers

The Metro Railways said that free bicycles have been introduced in the Chennai Metro Railway passenger offices.

Metro Railways is operated as a route from Chennai Airport to Nehru Park and the second one from Airport to Chikamalai. In addition, railway stations are being constructed in many places.

In this case, Metro Railways has introduced a free cycling service for the convenience of passengers traveling in metro rail. Accordingly, the passenger office and other applications have been informed that they can get bicycles from their identity cards.

The Metro administration also announced that it can take up to 100 hours a month free bicycles.

Thanks: malaimalar news Paper

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

How to Get Your Belief in Your Spouse? | What does a husband and wife need to do?

How to Get Your Belief in Your Spouse? | What does a husband and wife need to do?
No woman wants to have a relationship with a man who does not respect her feelings.

(For adults only)

Whatever you wish for it is your desire. The desire should also be revealed. Otherwise the girl will consider you a jam or aunt.
You kiss her. Need to regulate. He says that by touching she can get her confidence and desire to progress gradually. Do not do anything contrary to her opinion.
Women should be very gentle and they should be very careful. You are separately. If you behave stupidly, she begins to hate herself. First get the girl's confidence.

If she seeks to rest in your presence, allow it. She may be soft and touching her softly. You can also tune with love. Do not keep sweeps for a long time.
If the unmarried of the uninitiated, the minds should be kept only in the body. It is good to control the feeling of tumbling under her belly area. If the couple are already familiar with each other, she will not be asked to reduce her room's light. The illumination of the alien, the darkness, and the shining of light, does not permit.

Do not force a woman to do what you want. Appeal to her. Kneel and pray. No matter how shy. Even though she is a very angry woman, her husband does not endure kneeling to her. Her mind became tender.

Aromatic in the hair. Combine your inventory with your inventory. Tell her to get her with her lips. Kiss her when she tries to take her temper. If she is happy she will not refuse. Let's ask her innocent mai question. Beginners to communicate. She will not answer. You have to listen again and again. If you can not open her mouth then control your mood. Do not compel her. The new bride may not speak in tone or the words in the chaos can be bleeding but she will keep in mind the words to her husband. He will grasp the way he practices.

Do i look good? Do not you like me
She will take long-term answers to such questions. Then - slowly knock down. For a response you can make it wait for the whole night.
When you take her sweets for you, cling to her hand. Breast ka ....... ... screw. Ilecakattan. She will resist. I will refuse you. I want you to cling yourself. Then I will go from here to you.
Put her on your lap. Leave the hand in the navel area. She can get rid of her. Tell me not to do anything better than this. But use the re-hand. What is she doing? Wow you wow ... I told the right hand. If you do not know that this is a left hand, she will not answer her innocently.
If she is to leave you, scare you so hard. I'm going to bite your lip. Otherwise, my body will be full of biting and my boutique job is to show it to everyone.

Before the third night, the mourning should be prepared for her mobilization. Her pussy .. kissing ... ka ............ .. lovely vivi ...... giving her clothes
If she hinders her a little late. It will not do anything bad. Tell me. But let's release each of the fingers at the end - you will lose your control.
Your fierce fasting will be lost forever. She knows what you do for her happiness; Describe how you love her for the first 3 nights. Vote that I will not do any harm even in life.
She will be very confident. You'll be alive. Be dignified with her. Give her happiness. Get her trust. She will always be with you.
If she does not feel any love for her, she will be bitter. It will not become too long for you to become a coward. If you try to force her out of her life, you will continue to suffer.

No woman wants to have a relationship with a man who does not respect her feelings.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Simple practice that make the cheek look beautiful

Simple tutorials that make the cheek look beautiful

When trying to reduce body weight, we try to dissolve only the fats in the belly, thighs and hips. But it does not give much importance to slashing large cheeks and double jaws. In fact, such cheeks are a common cause of health and other habits such as drinking habits, adequate sleep deprivations, smoking and snacking.

And if the cheeks are not perfectly suited to this type of body, it will give a more ugly look, even if it reduces body weight. So there are a few physical exercises to keep the cheeks beautiful. If it comes up later, you can definitely exacerbate excess fat in cheeks. In addition, some of these exercises will help keep the cheeks adapted to the right size.
Well, let's see what kind of exercises should be done now to keep the cheeks beautiful!

Focus your mouth
The first thing to do to keep the cheeks beautiful is to focus on the mouth as shown in the picture. Cover the lips tightly and concentrate for 1 minute and then return to normal. This should be done at least 3 times a day, 10 minutes.

Smile is the best practice for muscles in the face. As the mouth laughs well, the muscles in the face stretch, so it will help keep the cheeks beautiful. So always smile well.

Chewing gum
Generally, if the sucking is present, the mouth will be refreshing. But this chewing is a cheating tool for the face. This will avoid double jaws.

Lift the cheeks
One of the best ways to reduce the bigger cheeks is to lift the cheeks. Lift the cheeks as much as possible. Do not carry your hand with it. Lift your cheeks by laughing.

Fish like lip
In the picture, like a fish, lip the lips and put it for 20 seconds and then return to normal. If you do 10-20 times a day, you can reduce your cheeks.

Fill the air in the mouth
As shown in the picture, fill the air in the mouth and return to the old stage after 2 minutes. If you do so often, cut down the cheeks and cheeks will be perfect for those who have no cheeks.

When the skin does not have the necessary oil for the skin, the cannabis is dry and shriveled.

Face, Cheeks and Chin Beauty Tips

Face, Cheeks and Chin Beauty Tips 

It's their cheeks to make women's face even more beautiful. If the cheeks are beautiful, the face is beautiful. For some, the cheeks are very close to them. If they come after these tips, get a good reward! Women who get up early in the morning get naturally clean air.

This gives you some brilliance on the face. Add a little salt in warm water and put it in the mouth for 10 minutes. The beauty of the cheek will increase because you continue doing this.

Soft apple-like cheeks, such as to get cheeks like apples, tips,

If you cut the apple and grind it from the cheek to the ear and give a daily stroke, you can get a beautiful cheek in one week.

Three apple slices, three carrot pieces, squeeze juice and mix half a lump of juice with lemon juice and drink every morning, keep the cheek in the cheek and glue.

If the skin does not have the desired oil paste, the scorpion may dry up and shrink.

Daily almonds, pistachi chopped and cashew nuts, let them soak in hot water, add only one pulp on the face and eat the remaining three pounds.

These pancakes help to get the oil glue on the skin. As the facial wrinkles disappear, the chewing groin will squeeze like a golden cheek.

Add a teaspoon of honey, a teaspoon of papaya paste and wash it for 10 minutes.

Honey causes the skin to shrink the skin and glow the cheeks.

Before bathing every day, a teaspoon mixed with a little sugar mixed with sugar.

Take a teaspoon of honey or cinnamon, put it in the mouth, and practice for adjoining chin.

Milk - 1 teaspoon, butter - 1 tbsp, barley - 1 teaspoon in a small bowl and fry well until foam.

Apply cream, face, neck and eyes around all the parts. After half an hour, wash it off with warm water.

Your chin will be white with brightness and face shimmering.

Friday, 6 October 2017

Ways to get rid of dark armpit

There are some ways to get rid of dark armpit | Dark underarms cure, natural cure for dark circles, beauty tips
Most of the folds in the body are all dark. It's just a place that's dark. Women are worried that the armpit is dark. The reason for this is that if the armpit is dark, it is impossible to wear sleeves.

The potato is rich in bleaching. If you use it, there is no side effect of the skin. Because the acidity is in size.
So, cut the potatoes and massage the skin for 5-10 minutes and then wash off with warm water. If you do this twice a day, nourishment will soon be done.
Lime is more bleaching than potatoes.
But if you use it too much, it can cause irritation and irritability in the skin.
It should not always be used alone. Instead, you must use only one thing.
Before bathing every day, mix lemon juice with water, soak it in a bowl, rub the skin and leave for 5 minutes after bathing. After bathing, you must apply any moisturizer.
Add yogurt, turmeric, honey and a little lemon juice and apply it on the skin and wash it for 10 minutes. If you do this daily, you will get good results.
Cucumbers contain bleaching as in potatoes. Besides, it helps to keep your skin cool. Cut the cucumber daily, add it to the dough or mix it with coconut juice and mix it with a little lemon juice and turmeric powder and wash it off.
Baking soda
Mix the baking soda with water and apply it on the cheek and scrub it for a while and then wash and dry. This way can be dark and dark.
Orange skin
Like lemon, the orange has the power to darken. Add the powdered orange paste of the fruit and mix it with milk and rose water. Apply it in the jug for 10 minutes and then wash off in cold water. Dark underarms cure, natural cure for dark circles, beauty tips

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